Date: November 2018
Author: Inspector Z

Alan Rubin from Alec Bradley and Jeremy Casdagli from Bespoke cigars recently had a chat about a trademark dispute. They came to an agreement, resulting in Casdagli changing the name of his brand into Casdagli cigars. Not for Europe, only for the United States markets though.

Casdagli has been selling cigars in Europe under the Bespoke names for years while Alec Bradley released the Alec Bradley Bespoke earlier this year. If the Alec Bradley Bespoke will be renamed for the European market or that the company decides to sell these only on their home turf has yet to be announced. We reached out to Alec Bradley to hear about their plans.

It’s not the first time Alec Bradley ran into a trademark issue, their yearly limited edition for Saint Patricks Day, the Filthy Hooligan, was originally planned as Dirty Hooligan. After a chat with Jonathan Drew from Drew Estate the name got changed. Drew requested that to avoid that the Dirty Hooligan would be linked to Drew Estate’s Dirty Rat. On the other hand, a few months later Drew Estate released the Nica Rustica, where Alec Bradley already used the ‘Nica’ part in Nica Puro.

Alec Bradley Bespoke

1 thought on “Alec Bradley & Bespoke settle trademark dispute

  1. […] Yesterday we published the story about the Bespoke trademark dispute. We reached out to Alec Bradley for more details and got the answer we were looking for. Alec Bradley owns the trademark for the USA and from December 25th, Jeremy Casdagli won’t use the name Bespoke in the USA anymore. In exchange, the Alec Bradley Bespoke cigars will be sold exclusively in the USA. […]

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