Date: April 2019
Author: Inspector Z

Alec Bradley acquires Lars Tetens brands. In a move that nobody saw coming. Alec Bradley acquires the Lars Tetens Brands. Tetens is an entrepreneur who’s been making boutique cigars, leather handbags, spices, perfumes and more for over thirty years. 

Ministry of Cigars Alec Bradley acquires Lars Tetens brands
Lars Tetens & Alan Rubin

Tetens & Rubin

Alan Rubin reminisced on the first time he met Tetens in the press release. “Lars has always intrigued me,” Alan said. “His guerilla marketing, unique products, and creativity inspired me while I was coming up in this business. 15 years ago I searched Lars out, just to meet with him. I couldn’t make this story up if I tried. We scheduled some time to sit down for a cigar at a shop one night- we set the time for 11 pm. Waiting, waiting, waiting, finally, at 2 am, Lars shows up and tells me to join him, he wanted to make me lobster mac & cheese. Ummmm, ok, sure- this was the greatest lobster mac & cheese I ever had! Anyway, we ate, smoked cigars and talked until about 6 am- like we had known each other forever. We became quick friends and stayed in touch since then.”

Tetens said that he was approached by several companies who wanted to acquire his brand. But that Rubin was the only one who got his vision. “He was the only one that would allow me to be me. I can express myself and my creativity with Alan. With the new partnership, I am a part of the Alec Bradley family and their wide distribution network. I am unbelievably excited to get going! I couldn’t have done this without Alan!”

Lars Tetens

For those who don’t know Lars Tetens, he’s a cult figure in the cigar industry. Except, where most people call him cult, Tetens sees himself of a myth. His website shows a short biography. At age 5 he blended his first spices, he’s seen as a modern-day Leonardo DaVinci by his fans. His fans include high-profile celebrities, politicians, and presidents of Fortune 500 companies. And some of them hired him as a consultant.

In the last decade, a few Lars Tetens cigars have been smoked by our team. Ranging from the worst cigar we ever smoked, the Lars Tetens Gorilla finger, to the best infused cigar we ever smoked, the Lars Tetens Greenwich. About a decade ago, we also had the pleasure to taste some of his chocolates, dark chocolate with sea salt and chili pepper, and they were fantastic.

Ministry of Cigars - Lars Tetens
Lars Tetens

Alec Bradley

Alec Bradley was founded in 1996, at the peak of the cigar boom, right before the downfall. Alan Rubin named the company after his sons, Alec & Bradley. Both are now in the company as well and have released a blend of their own: Blind Faith. The company has been very successful, with distribution all over the world. The company won the Cigar Aficionado Top 25 in 2011, with the Alec Bradley Prensado Churchill.

We reached out to Alec Bradley with questions regarding the international distribution of the Lars Tetens brand. Alec Bradley is planning to release the cigars for the international markets too. And even though only the cigars and cigar accessories have been acquired, Rubin and Tetens do have plans for the other Tetens brands as well.

Ministry of Cigars - Alec Bradley
Line up of Alec Bradley cigars

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  1. bring back the original shorty with the shaggy end
    brief ecstasy
    and all the other great
    don’t make them look like a acid

  2. Lars Tetens is a modern day da Vinci. He is my hero. I want to be like Lars when i grow up.

    1. It’s on his website, so it must be true.

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