August 2020

Aging Room adds limited edition to Quatro Nicaragua. This fall, Altadis USA is releasing 6000 boxes of 10 Aging Room Quattro Nicaragua cigars in a new size. A box-pressed, double tapered perfecto. The cigar measures 6½x52.

Altadis USA released the Aging Room Quattro Cinco Nicaragua in 2018. A year later, Cigar Aficionado picked the blend as ‘Cigar of the Year. And recently the cigar was launched globally through the network of A.J. Fernandez. That combination sounds off, but it isn’t. Even though Altadis owns the largest cigar factory in the Dominican Republic. And though its connection with Habanos, there is a worldwide network. Yet that network is focused on Cuban cigars. Since the cigars are made at Tabacalera A.J. Fernandez, it makes sense to use his global network of distributors. Those distributors are specialized in New World cigars. If the Aging Room Quattro Nicaragua Impromptu will reach the international markets is yet to be determined.

Ministry of Cigars - Aging Room adds limited edition to Quatro Nicaragua

Nicaraguan Puro

Aging Room Quattro Nicaragua is a Nicaraguan Puro. All tobaccos used are Nicaraguan grown, but Cuban seed. There are four sizes available. Those are a 5×50 Robusto with the name Espressivo. The 6×52 Maestro is a torpedo. That was the cigar of the year 2019 with a 96 score. The Concerto is a 7×50 Churchill. And finally, there is a 6×54 Toro with the name Vibrato. Those are the regular production sizes. The new, to be released, limited edition is called Impromptu. Another name connected to the music industry.

Aging Room

Rafael Nodal is the owner of Aging Room Cigars. He’s also head of product capability for Tabacalera USA. Tabacalera USA is the parent company of Altadis USA. Altadis USA distributes Aging Room in the United States but does not own the brand.   

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