February 2020

ADVentura heading to more Europen destinations. To Sweden and The Netherlands to be more precise. The Dominican cigar brand found distributing partners in Kind Cigars for Sweden and Kelch Trading for The Netherlands.

ADVentura cigars is a collaboration between the acclaimed and renowned master blender and cigar manufacturer Henderson Ventura on one side. The other side is Marcel Knobel, a Swiss entrepreneur who’s a sommelier, tobacconist and coffee producer. Together they started ADV & McKay Cigars, the umbrella for ADVentura Cigars.

The cigars

ADVentura makes cigars at Henderson Ventura’s Tabacalera Ventura, but two lines are produced at other factories as well. The El Loco line is produced at Nueva Matacapan de Tabacos S.A. de C.V. in Mexico. And the La Bucanera is produced in Nicaragua at Casa Favilli, the Mombacho factory in Granada.

It is expected that the cigars will reach the warehouses of Kind Cigars and Kelch Trading before the end of February. The distributors will then distribute the cigars to retailers all over their territory.

Ministry of Cigars - ADVentura heading to more Europen destinations


ADVentura founded the Piece of Heart project. That project helps visually impaired children in the Dominican Republic to glasses. In the low-wage Dominican Republic, it’s hard to make more than to make ends meet. It affects tabaqueros as well. Often families have no money for education, health care and more. So glasses are a luxury, even when they are a necessity for the visually impaired. Who does not see well, doesn’t learn well. So ADVentura cigars and the CB Foundation donate 2 CHF (€1,86/$2.05) per cigar towards the Piece of Heart project. With the donations of ADVentura and the CB Foundations, approximately 30 children per month can get much-needed spectacles. 

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