Date: August 2020
Author: Inspector Z

ADVentura comes with The Royal Return. It’s the latest chapter in the ADVentura, an explorer who travels the world. That’s the story of the brand, founded by Marcel Knobel and Henderson Ventura. Knobel is a Swiss entrepreneur. Henderson Ventura is the man behind Tabacalera William Ventura in the Dominican Republic.

The royal return

The new chapter comes in two blends. The Queen’s Pearls and King’s gold. Where the Queen’s pearls blend is wrapped in an Ecuadorian Connecticut Shade, King’s Gold uses an American Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper. But that’s not the only difference. The Queen’s Pearls has an Ecuadorian Connecticut shade binder as well. And fillers from Ecuador, Nicaragua, and the Dominican Republic. King’s Gold has a Mexican binder. The fillers are Dominican, Nicaraguan, and from the United States.

All the tobacco used for both blends is aged for a minimum of five years. On top of that, the cigars are aged after rolling. That aging time is a minimum of four months. The cigars are offered in 20 count boxes. The Queen’s Pearls come in a 6×44 Corona. 4½x50 Robusto, and a 6×54 Toro. The King’s Gold is offered in a 5×52 Robusto and a 6×54 Toro.

Production and international distributing

The cigars are manufactured at Tabacalera William Ventura in the Dominican Republic. Both blends are regular production lines as long as tobacco is available. 

ADVentura is available in several European countries and the United States. The new lines are available for distributors in all the countries where ADVentura is on the market. Those markets include Germany, Switzerland, and The Netherlands amongst others. When the cigars arrive in the international markets depends per territory.

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