Date: November 2018
Author: Inspector Z

The Ann-Eks series, a line of short filler, dry cured cigars from Schuster Zigarren in Germany already had a brother & sister couple in the shape of Karla & Kurt. Karla is a cigarillo and Kurt is a Panatela. But now the family has grown bigger with Gunther & Gerda, a toro and a robusto.

The cigars are the longfiller siblings from Karla & Kurt. Gunther & Gerda are made from filler tobacco from Nicaragua with a Dominican binder and a Claro wrapper from the Mexican San Andres region. The cigars are made in a small, undisclosed, factory in Nicaragua. Karla & Kurt are made in Bunde, Germany. Even though the cigars are made in different parts of the world, the tobacco used is exactly the same. Schuster brings part of the tobacco to Germany, take the vein out and shreds the tobacco for the shortfillers, while the rest of the tobacco leaves stay in Nicaragua for the production of Gunther & Gerda

Additionally to the cigars, there is also an Ann-Eks Rum available. ┬áThe rum is available in two versions, Hannelore and is made on Mauritius. It contains 40% alcohol, or 80 proof as they would say in the USA. There is also a rum called Hartmut, of which we don’t know the details yet.

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