Date: April 2019
Author: Inspector Z

A new La Casa Del Habano in Italy. In Naples to be precise. The tobacco shop from Sisimbro will be known as La Casa del Habano Napoli from now on.

Habanos Lounge

Two years ago, Sisimbro had the world premiere of the Habanos Lounge. They were the first to open a lounge with the new logo. Habanos Lounge is a concept by Habanos. The idea behind this concept is to identify and promote high-level locations. Lounges where cigar enthusiasts will have the opportunity of enjoying a  Habano. And choosing the right pairing among a selection of quality drinks. All this with top notch service.

A Habanos Lounge location has to be indoors. Yet for outdoor locations there is another name. But they have to meet the same high standards set the Cuban company. Those outdoor locations can earn the Habanos Terrace status.

Ministry of Cigars A new La Casa Del Habano in Italy
Habanos Lounge logo


La Casa del Habano Napoli is not the first LCDH franchise in Italy. The cigar aficionados in Rome and Milan already had the Habanos exclusive shops in their cities. With the new La Casa del Habano shop in Naples, the total franchises in Italy is three.

The La Casa del Habano is located at Via S. Pasquale 74. Naples is a southern Italian city. It’s located approximately 225 kilometers south of Rome.

Ministry of Cigars Napoli

Diego Maradona

Fun fact: the Argentinian football legend Diego Maradona is a fan of Cuba and Cuban cigars. He spent most of his career in Naples. He led the local football team to great heights. Their only two league titles were won when Maradona was their captain. The same goes for their only European price. That is the 1989 UEFA cup. He is, and will always be, a legend in Naples.

Maradona visits Cuba regularly. he even has a Che Guevara tattoo. So it seems fitting that there now is a La Casa del Habano in ‘his’ Italian city.

Ministry of Cigars Diego Maradona
Diego Maradona with a Cohiba and his Che tattoo

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    1. Hi Philipp, we are cigar media, not a cigar shop. But I know that Italian shops are not allowed to ship cigars anyway.

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