October 2020

A new distributor is active in Poland. Although, not exactly new. The company, Cigar Koneser, is a new player but the owner and founder is someone with plenty of experience in the Polish cigar market. Wojtek Jaroszewicz is the man behind the company. In the past, he was the CEO of Habanos Poland. Now he’s on his own and he signed three brands, to begin with.

A.J. Fernandez

In the last decade, A.J. Fernandez is building a reputation quickly. From a company known for the private labels for the big catalog companies, Fernandez turned the company around to a powerhouse on its own. With brands such as San Lotano, New World, Enclave, Bellas Artes, Dias de Gloria, and Last Call, nobody can deny that Abdel Fernandez is a winner and a must-have in every retailer’s humidor.

Fernandez is still producing many private labels. For small companies and large companies. For example, Tabacalera A.J. Fernandez makes the Aging Room Quatro Cinco Nicaragua for Altadis. AJF Cigars is responsible for the international distribution of the Aging Room Quatro Cinco Nicaragua as well.

Ministry of Cigars - A new distributor is active in Poland

Rocky Patel Premium Cigars

Cigar Kosneser is also distributing Rocky Patel Premium Cigars. Another big name in the cigar industry. When Indian born entertainment lawyer Rocky Patel entered the cigar industry in the mid-1990s, people said he wouldn’t last. Now twenty-five years later, and Rocky Patel Premium Cigars is one of the largest and strongest cigar brands in the market. Not just in the United States, but globally. 

Several lines from Rocky Patel Premium Cigars are available in Poland. Including the world-famous Vintage series, Edge, the Cigar Smoking World Championship. But also the newer lines such as Number 6, Tavicusa, Aged Limited & Rare, and Liberation. Hamlet Paredes is on the portfolio of Cigar Koneser as well.

Ministry of Cigars - Special Edition of Rocky Patel Special Edition


In 2008, three Swiss friends met over cigars. And decided to create a brand of their own. At first, Horacio cigars came from Costa Rica. But in the years after, the production moved to Nicaragua. Although the Horacio classic is still paying tribute to Costa Rica. The blend exists of Nicaraguan and Costa Rican tobacco. Over the last decade, more Horacio blends appeared. The Horacio Edicion Especial and Horacio Heritage. Other brands in the Horacio portfolio are Ox, Final 8, Toaldo, and Esteli Club.

The new distributor, Cigar Koneser, is active in Poland. A new website is going live in a few weeks. Wojtek Jaroszewicz said in an email to us that the company is adding more brands to distribute to the Polish cigar enthusiasts soon. 

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