Date: January 2020
Author: Inspector Z

A new distributor has surfaced in The Netherlands. Montaña Alta Cigarros is the new premium cigar distribution for VandenBerg Special Products. VandenBerg Special Products has been supplying tobacco stores and other retailers with rolling papers, cones, and other smoking accessories for three decades.

Supplying tobacco isn’t new to VandenBerg Special Products. The company has been distributing mass-market products as well, such as blunts. The company distributes or has distributed products such as other mass-market, infused, cigars. And a few years ago, Arthur van den Berg introduced Indian Motorcycles on the Dutch market for his personal friend Philip Zanghi. Distribution was transferred to Gajane Benelux shortly after, but now the brand is back at Montana Alta Cigarros.

New blood

Last year, Van den Berg decided to make serious business of premium cigars. He hired Hans Sijmons. Hans has worked for 19 years for the renowned P.G.C. Hajenius as a marketing assistant and in the last years he has worked as a Product Developer Premium Brands on the Marketing department of Hajenius parent company Scandinavian Tobacco Group Nederland. Together they started to form Montaña Alta Cigarros as the premium cigar distribution branch of VandenBerg Special Products.

After securing all necessary licenses, the company is ready to launch. The friendship between Zanghi and Van den Berg resulted in Debonaire and Indian Motorcycle to sign with Montaña Alta Cigarros. And it made sense to include the distribution for De Los Reyes, the factory that Zanghi uses to make his cigars. It is expected that the cigars will hit the Dutch market at the end of the first quarter.

Ministry of Cigars Debonaire Logo

The selection

For the initial launch, Montaña Alta Cigarros, De Los Reyes, and Debonaire House made a selection available. From the Debonaire Daybreak series, only the robust will be introduced. For the Habano and Maduro lines, both the robusto and the toro were selected. The same goes for the Indian Motorcycles Habano and Maduro.

From the Saga No.7 blend, the robusto and toro Gordo were picked. And all of the six different Saga Short Tales will find their way to the Dutch retailers. The final cigars are the Don Julio Punta Espada robusto and belicoso. 


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