Date: January 2021
Author: Inspector Z

A new African distributor for Casdagli Cigars. The brand, founded by Jeremy Casdagli, is growing every year. More and more distributors in countries all over the world are bringing in the brand. Casdagli Cigars has a very strong presence in the Middle East, where the Casdagli family has a history.

Not too long ago, Casdagli entered the market in New Zealand. The brand is expecting to launch in a new European and Asian country soon. And now, one more African country signed on for the Casdagli experience.


The cigars from Casdagli are coming to Angola. Angola is solid markets for premium handmade cigars in Africa. It is becoming a strong market for New World Cigars with Ermen Soares from Primazia Decorama as the man who’s opening the market. His efforts in bringing in New World cigars to show the Angolan cigar smokers the outstanding quality countries like Nicaragua, Honduras, Costa Rica, and the Dominican Republic produce is paying off. New World cigars are penetrating the Cuban dominated market like nothing before.

Primazia Decorama will start offering a selection of most Casdagli Cigars’ product lines. Among others the Casdagli’s flagship vitolas Grand Café and Cotton Tail of the Traditional Line and the recently CigarLovers Magazine’s highly awarded Cremello and multiple pick of the Cigar of the Year 2020 Pony Express of the Daughters of the Wind Line. The first cigars are on the way to Angola and should be available on the market by the beginning of February. Primazia Decorama is an experienced premium cigar importer based in the capital Luanda. They are representing many premium cigar brands in the Angolan market. The company runs two cigar shops and a lounge called The Men’s Emporium Cigars Angola. They are also distributing and wholesaling cigars and accessories to other tobacconists, hotels, restaurants, and bars all over the country.

Costa Rica and the Dominican

Casdagli Cigars are produced in two boutique factories. One hidden gem in the glowing hills of Costa Rica, and a more famous one in the Dominican Republic. KBF, Kelner Boutique Factory is the factory of Hendrik Kelner, the son of industry legend Henke Kelner. And due to his contacts, Kelner can supply Casdagli with exquisite and rare tobaccos for the Casdagli cigars.


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