Date: October 2023
Author: Inspector X

For many years, A.J. Fernandez has been making Diesel cigars for first Meier & Dutch and now Forged Cigar Company, both subsidiaries of Scandinavian Tobacco Group. Just like last year, Forged will bring the limited edition Sideshow Sampler to the market.

The cigars are all made with Ecuadorian Habano wrapper or Pennsylvania Broadleaf wrapper over Mexican San Andres binders and Nicaraguan fullers. Each cigar has a unique appearance.

Inside each sampler is one of the following:

  • Diesel Frog Boy (4 1/2 x 60)
  • Diesel Pin Head (5 x 54)
  • Diesel Two-Headed Nightingale (6 x 60)
  • Diesel Bearded Lady (6 x 46)
  • Diesel Elephant Man (6 x 52)
  • Diesel Bohemian Twins (7 x 38)
  • Diesel Strong Man (7 x 58)

The Bohemian Twins is a Culebra with two cigars intertwined instead of the traditional Culebra with three cigars.

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