Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust is Adding Another Vitola & Trimming Down the Umbagog Line

Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust is trimming down the Umbagog line with two vitolas but Steve Saka is adding another new vitola next year. On Facebook, Steve Saka wrote “SKU Rationalization...

Published September 2022

Dunbarton lands in New Zealand

Canteros, the sole distributor of non-Cuban cigars for New Zealand, managed to get another shipment in before the tax hike of January first. Each and every single blend and vitola...

Published December 2018

Umbagog for The Netherlands

Steve Saka is a cigar guru. But he’s not born into cigars as many other cigar makers. He was a blogger before it was called blogging, and only 18 years...

Published November 2018