Ted Bogers

Cigar night with Ted Bogers – update

Cigar night with Ted Bogers. In March we wrote about the event, and now we know more details. The theme of the night is ‘My Father Cigars #1’. The event...

Published April 2019

Van Dalen Dordrecht update

Van Dalen Dordrecht update. A few days ago, in a move that nobody saw coming, Van Dalen Cigars bought the renowned Ted Bogers in Dordrecht. When the news broke, we...

Published February 2019

Whisky & Cigar Tasting in Dordrecht

On Friday evening December 14th, Ted Bogers Cigars in Dordrecht, Netherlands, will host a cigar & whisky pairing with Agio Cigars and whisky expert Dennis Verschoor. Tickets for the event...

Published November 2018