Sancho Panza

Sancho Panza’s New Cigar Collaboration with Matt Booth and Oliva Cigar Company

It looks like STG is starting to understand that they should leave blending cigars to people who actually care about tobacco instead of bookkeepers who only want to keep the...

Published September 2023

Phoenicia and Habanos Releasing Regional Edition – The Sancho Panza ΟΜΗΡΟΣ

The largest distributor of Cuban cigars is Phoenicia, a Cyprus based company that supplies cigars Greece, Cyprus, the middle east and most of Africa. For two of their markets, namely...

Published December 2022

The Entire Non-Cuban Sancho Panza Line from General Cigars/STG Has Been Modernized

The entire non-Cuban Sancho Panza line from General Cigars/STG has been modernized and the brand’s three updated collections have begun shipping this week. Matt Wilson, senior brand manager of Sancho...

Published July 2022