Royal Cigar Company

The Swiss Cigar Distributor Royal Cigar Company is Celebrating its 20th Anniversary

The Swiss cigar distributor Royal Cigar Company is celebrating its 20th anniversary and it does so by releasing special fresh packs with a number of cigars from cigar manufacturers whom...

Published October 2022

Cumpay Maduro now in Switzerland

Cumpay Maduro now in Switzerland. Earlier this year, Maya Selva Cigars released a new cigar in the Cumpay line-up. In the Cumpay Puro Nicaragua line, a series of all-Nicaraguan cigars...

Published July 2021

Switzerland gets La Galera Habano

Switzerland gets La Galera Habano. About a month ago, the La Galera Connecticut and La Galera Anemoi became available in the Central European country. And now a third line becomes...

Published March 2021