Procigar Festival

Procigar cancels Procigar Festival 2021

Procigar cancels Procigar Festival 2021. Where Habanos and the Nicaraguan Tobacco Chamber already canceled the Habanos Festival and Puro Sabor, Procigar was still hoping to be able to host the...

Published April 2021

Procigar cancels its Dominican Cigar Festival Due to the Global Covid-19 Pandemic

It is no surprise, as the Nicaraguan festival Puro Sabor and the Cuban Habanos Festival made that call earlier this year. But unlike the organizations behind Puro Sabor and the...

Published December 2020

Registration for Procigar open

Registration for Procigar open. And this year, cigar aficionados don’t have to decide if they want to go to Procigar or the Habanos Festival. Last year, the two major cigar...

Published October 2019