Partagás vs. Condega: Court Halts Series ‘F’ Sales in Trademark Clash

Condega Series "F" faces a court-ordered sales halt after Partagás successfully sued for trademark infringement over similar cigar bands, highlighting branding's critical role in the tobacco industry.

Published January 2024

Partagas Linea Maestra Meastro Cigar Review

Partagas, a storied brand in the Habanos cigar world, has introduced its latest creation, the Linea Maestra Maestro. This new line, revealed at the Festival del Habano XXIII, is a...

Published December 2023

Partagás Serie E No. 2 Gran Reserva Launches in Switzerland as Brand’s Most Expensive Cigar

Partagás, a name that reverberates with tradition and prestige in the cigar industry, is set to unveil its most luxurious creation yet: the Partagás Serie E No. 2 Gran Reserva....

Published October 2023

Introducing Partagas Linea Maestra: A New Series of Cigars from Habanos S.A.

It’s hard for retailers to get any Partagas D4, P2, E2 and more popular Partagas vitolas, but that does not stop Habanos from deviating from the current regular production lines...

Published February 2023

New Habanos Exclusive Cigars for Specialist Stores: Will the Partagas Aliados and Romeo y Julieta Cupidos Ever See Full Release?

Habanos S.A. is releasing two new cigars that are exclusively for 1264 Habanos Specialist and the 157 La Casa del Habano stores worldwide. Owners of those stores should not be...

Published February 2023

Habanos Will Announce and Showcase a New Partagas Series During the Habanos Festival

Habanos will announce and showcase a new Partagas series during the Habanos festival in February of 2023 called Partagas Linea Maestra. Just like the Romeo y Julieta Linea de Oro,...

Published September 2022

Germany gets limited edition Partagas Cigarillos

Germany gets limited edition Partagas Cigarillos. The machine-made Cuban Puros are not new to Germany. They are available since 2014. But now there is an edicion limitada. Not because of...

Published March 2021

Second Linea Retro from Habanos finally launched

Second Linea Retro from Habanos finally launched. In 2017, Habanos announced the birth of the Linea Retro. Two marevas, one from Partagas and one from Romeo y Julieta would be...

Published August 2020

Smoke dreams now available on google books

Smoke dreams now available on google books for free. The autobiography that Julius Caesar Newman published in 1957 is now available for free on Google Books. It’s a brand new...

Published December 2019