Opus X

Opus X Cigar Extravaganza 2023: Rare Releases, Aged Samplers, and Charitable Endeavors

Almost every year, Prometheus is releasing (travel) humidors in collaboration with Arturo Fuente and these sets always contain aged Opus X cigars. This year is not different with a few...

Published August 2023

Fuente releases more Opus22

Fuente releases more Opus22 and OpusX Story travel humidors. These are the remaining Opus22 and OpusX Story travel humidors from the 2020 special edition release from late last year. This...

Published May 2021

Unique Opus X Stefano Ricci humidors coming to The Netherlands

At the latest Intertabac trade show, last September, Arturo Fuente announced a cooperation between the cigar manufacturer and apparel brand Stefano Ricci. A new size Fuente Opus X in a...

Published December 2018