New Zealand

New Zealand Contemplates Repeal of Groundbreaking Generational Tobacco Ban

New Zealand’s ground-breaking generational tobacco ban, which prohibited individuals born after January 1, 2009, from purchasing tobacco products, is on the verge of being repealed. The recent elections in the...

Published November 2023

Global Efforts to Curb Smoking: New Zealand’s Bold Move and the UK’s Proposed Tobacco Ban

In recent years, several countries have taken significant steps to combat smoking and its associated health risks. Among these efforts, New Zealand and the United Kingdom have implemented or proposed...

Published October 2023

New Zealand Ban Tobacco for Everybody Born After 2008

New Zealand is banning tobacco for everybody born after 2008. The parliament approved the Smokefree Environments and regulated products (smoked tobacco) amendment bill. With that it makes sales of tobacco...

Published December 2022