New Lines

Time-Tested Taste: Davidoff Announces Maduro Limited Release Line

Davidoff Cigars launches its new limited-release Maduro line, which pleases aficionados with a full-bodied taste experience of medium intensity. The new Maduro, which features Toro, Robusto and Short Corona cigars,...

Published March 2024

Oscar Valladares Tobacco Launches European Exclusive Santiago Valladares Cigar Line

Oscar Valladares Tobacco is releasing the Santiago Valladares, named after the son of Oscar with a Nicaraguan binder over Honduran filler and under a Honduran wrapper. But the kicker is,...

Published September 2023

Cigar Dagger Ventures into Cigar Production with Royal Blood and Birthright Lines

The accessory company Cigar Dagger, specialized in cigar nub tools and picks, is teaming up with Artista Cigars in the Dominican Republic to enter the cigar business with their own...

Published September 2023