Muestra de Saka

Dunbarton Shows New Muestra de Saka

Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust announced details of the 5th annual Muestra de Saka, the Bewitched. Saka’s sample, as the name translates to, is a line of unique blends and vitolas...

Published April 2022

upcoming dunbarton releases for 2021

Upcoming Dunbarton releases for 2021. In a long post on Facebook, Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust founder and owner Steve Saka revealed what he has in store for 2021. Most of...

Published June 2021

Dunbarton Tobacco to release Unstolen Valor

Dunbarton Tobacco to release Unstolen Valor. The Unstolen Valor is the latest addition to the Muestra de Saka line. Originally, this release was slated for November 2019 with the name...

Published January 2020