Mil Dias

Expanding the Mil Dias Line: Crowned Heads Introduces New Regular Production Size with Unique Blend

Crowned Heads will add a new regular production size to the Mil Dias line. This is a 4 7/8 x56 Topes with a pigtail. The blend is the same as...

Published June 2023

Crowned Heads is releasing another limited

Crowned Heads is releasing another limited. Even though the Mil Dias is a very new blend from the Nashville cigar company, it is already the second Edicion Limitada. And that...

Published April 2021

Tatuaje Havana Cazadores 2
Crowned Heads adds limited to Mil Dias

Crowned Heads adds limited to Mil Dias. The brand is only released just a few weeks ago. And now it gets its first limited edition. The Mil Dias Mareva Edicion...

Published October 2020

Crowned Heads releases Mil Dias

Crowned Heads releases Mil Dias. Mil Dias is a project that started in 2017. The name reflects that. Three years equals one thousand days. That’s the time it took from...

Published July 2020