Indoor Cigar Enjoyment Redefined: Introducing PK Rooms – The Ultimate Smoking Experience

Think you can’t smoke at home? Think again. PK Rooms is excited to offer an innovative new take on indoor cigar enjoyment. Founded by HVAC veteran and cigar enthusiast Michael Pike, PK...

Published June 2023

El Septimo Collaborates with Corona Cigar Company to Open El Septimo Cigar Lounge in Sarasota, FL

El Septimo continues with its progress, opening more new cigar lounges than anyone else in just the last 12 months. El Septimo has announced a collaboration with Corona Cigar Company...

Published May 2023

Cigar Malaysia opens new outlet

Cigar bars and lounges are popping up like never before in Kuala Lumpur. Tuesday we reported a new cigar bar by local celebrity Jay Walia and now Cigar Malaysia opened...

Published March 2019