Las 6 Provincias

Espinosa Premium Cigars Unveils Las 6 Provincias ZDT: A Nicaraguan Homage to Pinar del Río

The much-anticipated fifth addition to Espinosa Premium Cigars‘ Las 6 Provincias series, named ZDT, is now hitting the shelves of retailers. This installment pays homage to the province of Pinar...

Published November 2023

Espinosa Cigars Unveils Fifth Instalment of Las 6 Provincias: ZDT, a Tribute to Pinar del Rio

In 2018, Espinosa Cigars revealed a new project, paying homage to the original 6 provinces of Cuba with a new instalment every year, Las 6 Provincias. 2023 is the year...

Published July 2023

Espinosa Cigars adds the third Las 6 Provincias

Espinosa Cigars adds the third Las 6 Provincias. The Las 6 Provincias is a series of limited edition cigars named after the old-time provinces in Cuba. Before the current, repressive,...

Published July 2021