JRE Tobacco

JRE Tobacco Co. Unveils Aladino Rothschild Sampler: A Trio of Flavourful Delights

Introducing the Aladino Rothschild Sampler, a new and exciting addition to JRE Tobacco Co.’s line-up, making its way to retail locations this week. JRE Tobacco Co is the company of...

Published December 2023

JRE Tobacco was Exhibiting at the Cigar Pavilion of InterTabac for the First Time

Vivian Eiroa, the next generation and International Sales Manager was in Dortmund to meet new distributors for the JRE portfolio all over the world. Vivian, based in London, is at...

Published September 2022

JRE Tobacco Expanding the Aladino Line

JRE Tobacco, the tobacco growing and cigar manufacturing company for Julio and Justo Eiroa, father and brother of Christian Eiroa from CLE, is expanding the Aladino line with a new...

Published May 2022