Jacob & Co

The Perfect Blend: La Aurora and Jacob & Co. Unveil a Limited-Edition Watch, Humidor, and Cigar Set

Luxury cigars and exquisite timepieces seamlessly intertwine, resulting in no shortage of awe-inspiring collaborations. The latest venture unites the esteemed Dominican cigar artisan, La Aurora, with the renowned luxury jeweller...

Published January 2024

Xikar’s Exquisite Collaboration with Jacob & Co: Luxury Cigar Cutters That Define Opulence

Quality Importers is teaming up with the renowned jeweller Jacob & Co. for a second time. Just like last time, Xikar is the brand chosen for the collaboration. The Xikar...

Published September 2023

Xikar Comes With a 150.000 Dollar Cutter

The world’s most iconic cigar cutter is partnering up with Jacob & Co, a jewelry company from New York. The XIKAR Xi Dueling Dragons Chasing Flaming Pearl is the first...

Published December 2020