HVC Cigars

HVC Unveils Quick Delight with Hot Cake Maduro Half Corona: A Petite Corona Escape

HVC, under the guidance of Reinier Lorenzo, is set to introduce a delightful interlude into its cigar portfolio with the forthcoming release of the HVC Hot Cake Maduro Half Corona....

Published November 2023

HVC Cigars Unveils the Bold and Flavorful HVC Black Friday 2023 – A Decade of Excellence

In celebration of the monumental 10th edition of its famed Black Friday series of limited edition cigars, HVC Cigars is set to unveil its most substantial Black Friday cigar to...

Published October 2023

HVC Cigars is Turning From a Boutique Brand into a Boutique Cigar Maker

HVC Cigars is turning from a boutique brand into a boutique cigar maker by opening their own factory in Esteli, Nicaragua. The factory, a 12,000-square-foot operation named Fabrica de Tabacos...

Published June 2022