Escobar Cigars

Escobar Cigars Launches New AJ Fernandez Blends

Escobar Cigars, a brand partially owned by the renowned rapper Nas, has started shipping its latest core line: a trio of blends crafted by the acclaimed cigar maker AJ Fernandez....

Published June 2024

Roy MacLaren Named as Chief Sales Officer for Escobar Cigars

Last year, famous old-school rapper Nas invested in Puros Privados, a cigar company and announced Escobar Cigars. Escobar is one of the nicknames that Nas uses. The company also opened...

Published January 2023

Nas enters cigar business

Nas enters cigar business. Hip-hop and cigars are not an unfamiliar combination. There are plenty of successful rappers who are known to love cigars. People such as Jay-Z, Rick Ross,...

Published August 2021