Crowned Head

Crowned Heads and NACSA Brings New Le Pâtissier Blend

Last month, after the break-up with ACE Prime (now Luciano Cigars), Crowned Heads moved the production of the Le Pâtissier from Luciano’s Tabacalera Pichardo to NACSA, the factory run by...

Published November 2022

Luciano Cigars and Crowned Heads Part Ways

Luciano Cigars and Crowned Heads have officially parted ways since Tuesday and Luciano Cigars has appointed a few new team members to adjust to the new situation where they are...

Published November 2022

Crowned Heads Another Company Offering Exclusive Cigars to Retailers Visiting the PCA Convention

Crowned Heads is the next company that comes with a cigar exclusively for retailers that visit the PCA Convention & trade show in Las Vegas this year. The participating retailers...

Published June 2022