Club Mareva

Casdagli Releasing the Daughters of the Wind Enigma

A classic size cigar that has been aging for an additional six years. And as with any enigma, there’s a lot of secrecy around these unique and rare cigars. It...

Published December 2020

Casdagli Updates Packaging

Not on all its cigars but on the Basilica A and the Club Mareva Mareva Especial. Casdagli Cigars is shipping the new boxes immediately. There is no old stock left....

Published December 2020

H. Upmann Lonsdale
Casdagli comes with Mareva Spalato No 2

Casdagli comes with Mareva Spalato No 2. It’s the follow-up of the Casdagli Mareva Spalato Edicion Limitada. That release saw the light In celebration of the Cigar Smoking World Championship...

Published November 2020

Club Mareva expanding to Lebanon

Club Mareva expanding to Lebanon. The famous cigar lounge Club Mareva in Split will get a sister club in Beirut, Libanon. The original Club Mareva is the home of the...

Published April 2020

Registration for CSWC finale is open

Registration for CSWC finale is open. Marko Bilić, the founder of the event, announced details on his facebook last night. With limited seats available for the 10th anniversary of the...

Published May 2019