Casa Favilli

Farewell to an Era: Mombacho Cigars/Favilli Cigars Announces Retirement after Nearly Two Decades

In an unexpected email, Cameron Heap and Jared Michaeli announced that Mombacho Cigars/Favilli Cigars is no longer. After almost 20 years, they made the decision to call it quits. This...

Published June 2023

Mombacho coming to Spain and Italy

Mombacho coming to Spain and Italy. Claudio Sgroi, master blender of the Nicaraguan cigar brand mentioned expanding distribution into the two Mediterranean countries during a conversation at the Intertabac Trade...

Published October 2019

Mombacho ships Casa Favilli worldwide

Mombacho ships Casa Favilli worldwide. The cigars are the first in the world with a Nicaraguan broadleaf wrapper. The seeds are American, yet the broadleaf is grown by Nicaraguan farmers...

Published June 2019