Illusione is Changing The Packaging on the Core Lines

Illusione is changing the packaging on the core lines. Those include the Illusione Corojo, Ultra, Maduro, and Candela as well as the Singulare and Epernay series. But it’s only the...

Published July 2022

New Factory Smokes for Drew Estate

New Factory Smokes for Drew Estate. The value bundle cigars from Drew Estate are popular since the release of the line in the summer of 2018. The cigars are rolled...

Published July 2020

Kafie 1901 Candela coming

Kafie 1901 Candela coming. The Honduran cigar manufacturer is currently working on an extension of its portfolio with the addition of a Kafie 1901 Candela. The brand already has a...

Published November 2019