Black Label Trading Co.

Black Label Trading Co. Celebrates 10 Years with the Black Album Anthology Sampler

In commemoration of its 10th anniversary, Black Label Trading Co. has crafted a unique sampler known as the Black Album Anthology, which the company considers its version of a greatest...

Published November 2023

Black Label Trading Co. Expands Offerings with New Robusto Vitolas in Four Iconic Lines

Black Label Trading Co. has announced on Facebook that it will add 5 x 50 robusto vitolas to four of its existing lines. The lines are Last Rites, Lawless, Royalty...

Published June 2023

Black Works Studio Offering New Cigar to Retailers at PCA Convention

Black Works Studio—an offshoot of Black Label Trading Co.—is offering 950 boxes of 24 cigars to retailers who place orders at the PCA Convention & Trade Show next month in...

Published June 2022