Big Smoke

CigarKings Starts with Sales in Switzerland

The company ImpCor GmbH is started distributing CigarKings cigars in Switzerland with the introduction at the Big Smoke in Zurich last week. Through the joint venture of ImpCor with CigarKings,...

Published July 2022

Largest cigar events America canceled

Largest cigar events America canceled. Where Europe and Asia are slowly starting to get back on their feet when it comes to events, America is still canceling shows. The Cigar...

Published August 2020

Juan Martinez coming to Dutch Big Smoke

Juan Martinez is coming to the Dutch Big Smoke. The third guest of the Dutch Big Smoke is Juan Martinez. He joins Jonathan Drew and Omar de Frias in the...

Published June 2019

Details about the Dutch Big Smoke

Details about the Dutch Big Smoke. Last week, we announced that Jonathan Drew and Pedro Gomez Rodriguez are the first guests of the Dutch big smoke. Omar de Frias from...

Published June 2019

Jonathan Drew guest at Dutch Big Smoke

Jonathan Drew guest at Dutch Big Smoke. For almost a decade, there has been a Big Smoke in The Netherlands. And it has always been a great success. Many cigar...

Published June 2019

Dutch Big Smoke 2018

Video of the Dutch Big Smoke 2018 in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Den Bosch

Published September 2018