Balmoral Releases Añejo 29 as a Limited Edition

Only 2000 boxes are available worldwide of which 200 have arrived at Dutch retailers. The boxes contain 10 cigars and the fixed retail price in The Netherlands is €135 per...

Published January 2021

Balmoral Paso Doble released

Balmoral Paso Doble released in the United States. It’s the second release of the Balmoral Signaturas series, a series of collaborations with other cigar manufacturers. The first Balmoral Signaturas was...

Published October 2019

Agio releasing Balmoral Añejo XO Nicaragua

Agio is releasing Balmoral Añejo Nicaragua at the IPCPR trade show. At first only on the American market, yet the cigars are expected globally in after the new year.


Published June 2019

Balmoral redesigns packaging Dominican Selection

Balmoral redesigns the packaging for the Balmoral Dominican Selection. For decades, Royal Agio has been making cigars in the Dominican Republic. Not only handmade premium cigars but also machine made...

Published June 2019

Balmoral Dueto shipping worldwide

Royal Agio is really pushing forward with their Balmoral longfillers. For years they kept quiet on that front but in the last 6 years the Dutch cigar manufacturer released line...

Published October 2018