Arnold Andre

Arnold Andre and Toscano Release Marzio

Arnold Andre and Toscano release Marzio in Germany. The two companies collaborate on the Marzio, a cigar that draws inspiration from Mars, the god of war. Two sizes are available...

Published February 2021

Montosa now available in Switzerland

Montosa now available in Switzerland. It’s the new premium handmade Longfiller from the German cigar manufacturer Arnold Andre. Arnold Andre produces machine-made cigars in Bunde, Germany but also has production...

Published July 2020

Rainer Göhner retires from Arnold Andre

Rainer Göhner retires from Arnold Andre. Earlier this week, managing director for Arnold Andre cigars, Rainer Göhner retired. It is a well-deserved retirement after serving the company in several roles...

Published July 2020