Gurkha The Beast

Gurkha The BeastOrigin : Dominican RepublicGurkha
Format : Robusto/Toro
Size : 165 x 23 mm
Ring : 58
Weight : N/A
Price : ~$16.00/each

Talk about your intense cigar! I found this one to be the epiphany of the phrase, “Full Flavor.” I really like Gurkha The Beast as a midday to afternoon smoke, perhaps offset with a good vanilla coffee.

Appearance : Rating: ★★★★★
The Beast could only be described as Massive! This is one big cigar, bold and beautiful looking! Truly a man’s cigar.

Construction : Rating: ★★★☆☆
It was all good up until I neared the end. Then I began to experience a loose wrapper. I wasn’t too thrilled about that. Fortunately, it was close to the end fo the smoke.

Flavor : Rating: ★★★★½
The light was sensational. The first impression that I got was bold, yet smooth at the same time. There was a buttery flavor, yet sweet. It almost brought a fine cheesecake to my mind. The second third held steady, maintaining the flavor and sensation. The third was a bit stronger, but I was simply too distracted by the loose wrapper to really enjoy it.

Value : Rating: ★★★★☆
Even with the loose wrapper at the end, you still get the smoke time of two cigars before you reach this point. So, yes, I would say that this cigar is a worthwhile investment.

Overall Rating : Overall Rating: ★★★★☆
For the most part, I highly enjoyed this cigar. I would suggest that you try this one, but keep it for your “at home” cigar, as you wouldn’t want your friends to see it fall apart on you. Still, a really good smoke all in all.