Cigar Review – El Septimo Exception Black

El SeptimoOrigin : Costa Rica
Size : 133 x 60
Hand-Made : 9 Years old tobacco
Price : ~$44

Draw : Rating: ★★★★★★
Burn : Rating: ★★★★★☆
Flavour : Rating: ★★★★☆☆
Aroma : Rating: ★★★½☆☆
Strength : Rating: ★★★½☆☆

Overall : Rating: ★★★★½☆


I have heard a lot about this new brand on the market. On the social networks, we have all seen these big, dark and oily cigars worn with a flashy coloured band. Their packaging is not discreet in the shops and attracted my eyes many times. I finally got my hands on few of these mysterious cigars as the brand keep their recipes discreet (I still need to investigate more).
El Septimo develops 100% Costa Rican cigars aged for many years like most of the high end new world cigars. Not surprised to see some 7 to 10 years old tobacco leaves being present in the blends.
This was my first Costa Rican cigar!


What a phenomenal looking cigar. As you have read lately, my personal taste is for claro to Colorado claro colour. I have never been visually attracted to the fashion of dark wrapper. I love the classic light brown and soft coloured dress for a cigar. However, I cannot deny, the Wrapper of the El Septimo Exception black is stunning. Dark, extremely oily and soft as silk. At first sight you understand this is a luxury dress. The cigar feels unusual, as I smoke more Cubans than new world cigars, it is so compact and hard that I would usually suspect a plugged cigar.


I did a straight cut to the cigar and you can see the leaves are perfectly rolled together as you would expect for a new world cigar. Packed of tobacco and rolled with skills.
Unusual foot as it is closed by the wrapper with a pig tail. Therefore, when I pre-drew the cigar I thought it was plugged, I just forgot the foot was closed…
When lit, the amount of smoke is huge, proof to a great construction.
The burn was constant all the way and the ash not as dense as I would expect for such a big cigar.
I could leave the exception black on the ashtray or few minutes and did not have to light it again to enjoy.


The very first puff is punchy and spicy. When seeing the size of the cigar I got worried as I would not be able to cope with such a spicy cigar all the way. As soon as the foot burnt fully the strength and flavours mellowed down and the first third starts fresh and very soft. Very interesting start with a complete change of strength within few minutes. Strong vegetal notes and herbal senses are dominating the first third. The strength takes sometimes to settle and from the second third to the last one I was surprisingly enjoying a light bodied cigar extremely well balance with a low acidity. This low acidity allow the after taste to be very gentle and soft. Clearly we have some aged tobacco here as I do not feel any ammoniac neither.
Personally, loving high complexed cigars with lots of changes, I am very surprised with the balance of this cigar and the consistency of flavours and strength all the way.
The flavours turn into classic woodiness and smoked meat from the second third until the end.
The amount of smoke is extremely high and its aroma is very soft and pleasant. That big amount of smoke if very relaxing. High density and thick.


The El Septimo Exception Black is my first Costa Rican cigar. I have enjoyed lots of Nicaraguan, developing rich flavours but I think Costa Rica can be the next cigar destination. The tobacco is clearly of a very high quality, properly aged and developing very smooth and elegant cigar. The exception black would be a great outdoor companion, well balanced, easy to enjoy for an hour and half.
I understand the price set may be challenging but at least we will not discussed ( like all new world cigars) the construction issues and the level of quality is present from the visual, the feeling and the enjoyment.