Cusano Estate Reserve (Quick Smoke Series)

Cusano Estate Reserve

Cusano cigarsOrigin : Dominican Republic
Format : Churchill
Size : 7 x 48
Wrapper : Ecuadorian Connecticut Shade
Filler : ?
Binder : ?
Price : ~$7-8 each

I found a few of these in the bottom of the humidor. They did not have a date label on them and I am working off of my memory when I say they are from 2000 or so…

Cusano Estate Reserve is definitely mild, it has a good draw and it is very woody and somewhat creamy. It does not have a lot of complexity, which most Cusanos do not have, but there was no harshness either after 8 years.

There is not much else to say about this cigar, and this is one of the drawbacks of aging a very mild cigar. After a while it’s just going to taste like a Macanudo.