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Description (from the CigarOne website) :, based in Geneva, Switzerland, is one of the most trusted and revered on-line sources for premium hand-rolled, long-filler Cuban cigars. An extensive collection of Habanos coupled with a wide selection of Limited Edition Humidors available for sale, lend incomparable prestige and reverence to the site. Guaranteed shipping, a commitment to sell only the highest quality Cuban cigars and a very tailored customer service, places CigarOne on the top of every aficionados retailer list.

Inspector’s comment : Top notch website and excellent customer service.

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  1. Experience:

    I never purchased any cigars from them, but they sent me a little sampler as a gift. It arrived fast and very well packaged.

  2. bitbuster says:


    ordered from them many times. they ship worldwide. very reliable. genuine!!!

  3. Luke Justman says:


    Deliveries we incredibly fast (two days in both cases) and cigars arrived in vacuum seal and were in great condition. The costumer service was excellent even after I had made my purchases. The prices weren’t the cheapest, but as they say “If you’re getting a great deal on Cubans they aren’t real Cubans.”

  4. BLUESMOKE says:



  5. Experience:

    Positively stellar customer service, with amazingly fast shipping. Recommended seller to be sure!

  6. WHITEASH says:


    A super company to deal with. Genuine cubans, great service, packaged very well, and shipped fast. If you only deal with one online company then CigarOne should be it.

  7. Experience:

    They were the providers of my first order. Good products and shipping time. Very well packaged.

  8. Experience:

    I have been smoking cigars for the last 10 years. With that said, I don’t claim to know everything about them, but I can tell you I have a passion for smoking them as well as a refined palate. I love the taste, draw, and roll quality of cuban tobacco and with that said, I have been waiting to buy a box and sneak it into the country for years but found it too hard or too $$$ from overseas shops.
    The cigars from are 100% real cubans. I have cut them apart to see the single or double leaf construction of the wrapper (fake cubans are pieced together from many small stripped leafs). The bands are spot on as well as the color, size and shape of the entire box (most fakes have subtle color differences from cigar to cigar when a box is opened). The company has been in business for many years (over a decade) and that is another testament to their quality products.
    I have purchased several boxes of Montecristo #4’s, 1’s, and some of their sample boxes. They even have a referral program that gives you 5 free cigars on your next purchase.
    Great prices…Great service…great cigars
    What more could you ask for!

  9. Experience:

    I’ve order from them. Prices are high. but the cigars were good! Do you guys get the enitre box shipped to you?

  10. Experience:

    I just ordered a sampler pack of ten from these guys and they are kosher. I got the cigars in like 48hrs. My uncle had ordered from them before and said they were ok, so i wasn’t worried or anything, but it was nice to get the sticks and see for myself. The cigars are great, definitely the real deal! There is no way to mistake the taste of a good cuban! The prices are cheap(unless you compare them to buying in Canada or something), but I am willing to pay a bit more to know I am getting a legit product. They also gave me a free Monty #2 with my order of ten. Also, they have answered every one of my emails promptly. When I make another order it will be from these guys.

    I hope this helps!

  11. ztopcat13 says:

    Experience: Neutral

    This place has decent customer service but the Prices they charge you are way out of line. They are one of the highest price cigar services on the WWW.

  12. mlanterman says:


    The alleged cuban “Cohibas” arrived. Half were unraveled. The other half smelled like a $3 cigar. I contacted the company and was told “but they’re genuine cubans”. Baloney. I will not be ordering any cigars from cigarone.

  13. Rasputin says:


    Just received my first order from CigarOne. Although the customer service appeared excellent on the front end, I’m afraid they are not legit. I ordered a box of Montecristo No. 2s. The Cuban tax seal/stamp with a serial number (the “new” seal Cuba’s been using since around 2000)was torn and it was covered by a fresh seal that did not have a serial number. Further, there was no Habanos “parchment” inside with the blurb about the quality of the product and the proper storage etc. Also, the Habanos chevron on the upper right corner of the box appears to be fake. In sum, it looks like I was shipped fakes in what was an original box and with fake seals. I haven’t smoked one yet and have sent an email to Cigarone asking for an explanation. Until I get a proper response, I would suggest you avoid CigarOne. It’s unfortunate since the shipping and customer service was so well done. But I guess you can afford to make good on such things when you making a fortune off of fakes.

  14. billionaire says:

    Experience: Neutral

    Rasputin comment is interesting because I ordered Cohibahs in a 5 pack from The seals did not match what is displayed on their own website as authentic. Ive never smoked a Cuban before so I have no other way of telling other than the seal being fake. Looks like Rasputin had the same issue. I hope you post the response you receive from them here.

    I just went to habanos website and entered the stamp code under their verification section and it came back as “FRAUD” Go to the site and enter the stamp codes from your box to verify. I ordered the Cohiba Coronas Especiales.

  15. Experience: Neutral

    Interesting comment from Billionaire. I believe you are mixing up the Cuban warranty serial number(green Government seal on boxes) with the distributor traceability number new seal with hologram and bar code. Naturally, a tracking number for tracing distribution will not work on the Habanos box verification system. You should really try and get your facts correct before posting information like this as you are misleading people who come here for help. Surprised the administrator of the site did not come in and correct this. Any questions on this would be my pleasure to further develop, as these type of false comments are currently causing havoc on the market. Drop me a line.

  16. mlanterman says:

    Experience: Neutral

    Chris- I had a similar experience with CigarOne. I find billionaire’s comments dead on. I think CigarOne’s fraudulent practices may be causing havoc on their business. PS-A shill should disclose their relationship.

  17. Experience: Neutral

    Chris from Unfortunately, billionaire’s comments are factually wrong. It would be better to contact Habanos and check this type of information prior to making subjective judgments based on incomplete information. This type of posting is merely creating even more confusion in a confused market. has been established as an official Habanos retailer for over 10 years in Geneva, on and off line and now has one of the largest private collections of aged and rare Cuban cigars in the world. We are active on the Habanos fraud task force in Switzerland and we are a recommended retailer for Cigar Aficionado for Switzerland. If you do wish to find out how Habanos works, by all means contact me.

  18. billionaire says:


    Chris I’m so glad you responded. In regards to your comment “Naturally, a tracking number for tracing distribution will not work on the Habanos box verification system”.

    If that is the case then the Habanons box verification system would not have given me this exact message when I typed the bar code in from the box of Cuban cigars that I purchased from I received this exact message so please explain the reasoning behind this and what confusion there is “YOU ARE A VICTIM OF FRAUD” It was confirmed by Habanos that I received a fake box of cigars which I ordered from so there is absolutely no confusion on my end as this was confirmed by Habanos. Maybe authentic cigars are mixed in with some of the fakes that go out but I definitely received fake/NON-Authentic box of cigars. If you still think there is some type of confusion contact Habanos directly to get an explanation as to why fake Cuban cigars are being distributed on the behalf of I’m not speaking for everyone that has purchased cigars from your company but I know for a fact that I received fakes unless Habanos informed me incorrectly since they were the ones that confirmed this for me. Im not here to create confusion for anyone, just to state the facts of my experience that was confirmed by Habanos.

  19. Experience: Neutral

    It might be a very good idea to post a picture of the box and of the seal so that we can make sure you’re using the right code (see Chris’ first comment). Could you do it?

  20. Experience: Neutral

    I am sorry for being a bit brash, apologies to all. If you type any set of numbers into the Habanos Authenticity check system, it gives you the same result. If you take the set of numbers that is on the base of the old Cuban warranty seal (green warranty seal) you will never get a product reference, as this is not linked. The Bar code and number set that works on the Habanos tracing system is on the base of the new Cuban seal, which has the hologram at the top, is rarely left of boxes for cigars exported from the country of origin. As the tracing system we are talking about is to trace where a box comes from and where it has traveled to. This is a tool for distributors and Importers and for Habanos to try and stop parallel markets shipping cigars to places where they are not intended to go to. Each region has a quota of cigars. The reason that most merchants who export remove these code bars and number sets when shipping abroad, especially to countries where there are legal issues, is to protect the local importer. The cigars distributed via the UK importer are for distribution in the UK only. Therefore a cigar merchant who is in the UK, supplied by the official Habanos Importer in the UK is only suppose to sell his cigars in the UK. This goes for all regions of the world. Here is the Habanos link and their explanation, which as usual is very hard to understand, on how the new seal should be.

  21. billionaire says:

    Experience: Neutral

    Inspector, Habanos already confirmed I received fakes so I’m 100% certain that Im using the right code. They advised no matter what code is used, if it is a incorrect barcode you will get a message advising that the number entered is invalid. Not a message saying you are a victim of fraud if a invalid code is used. Chris is trying to make this more confusing then it really is. If you enter a incorrrect barcode you will get a invalid message. The invalid message is only repeated if you keep entering invalid barcode. Habanos explains what barcode to use very clearly so a link that he provided is clearly on their site. Before you even enter the barcode on their site, it tells you exactly were to pull the barcode from like explained in the link from their site. This is my last post regarding this as I have taken my business elsewhere. There is nothing confusing about receiving confirmation from Habanos that I received fakes as the barcode from the seal was recognized as fraudulent Cuban cigars. Habanos doesn’t even recognized as a authorized retailer this is their claim only. Email Habanos for the details or call them directly. Then see how confusing all this really is once they confirm it for you.

  22. Habanos Seeker says:


    My CigarOne experience… I ordered mine on a Sunday night and they were in my USA mailbox Friday afternoon. They arrived in a bubble wrap type manila envelope. The box of cigars had been vacuumed sealed, and once I removed them, I observed the box of cigars had been opened and the seal broken, (which I was aware of this, because on their www site says they check them first, before they ship them) I have been to the islands all around Caribbean, and have smoked Cubans for years. I never once suspected the ones I have received from cigarone were imposters. So after reading some comments, I have found some other information on the net to help spot fakes. Which I am proud to say, Yes my cigars had a factory code and date ink-stamped on the base of the wooded box. Yes, the Cuban dollar seal is placed with the lid of the box running through the center of the coat of arms. Yes, the habanos seal is placed across the corner of the box. Yes, there is a “burnt” heat pressed stamp that read “Habanos s.a. HECHO EN CUBA Totalmente a mano” on the base of the box. Yes, there was a certificate of authenticity inside the box.
    So, I have no doubt they are the real deal. Thanks CigarOne!!

  23. Experience:

    CigarOne is a legitimate online distributor of AUTHENTIC cuban cigars. I spoke with the Habanos appointed distributor for Switzerland, Intertabak AG and they verified that they are a dealer of theirs.

  24. Experience:

    I have bought from once. The product shipped to me was of great quality and service was outstanding;however, the verification system in the Habanos S.A. site didn’t work for me either, So I went to my humidor and pulled the one Cohiba siglo VI (tubo) I’m waiting to smoke the day my next kid is born, and that I bought for probably twice its real price at wordlwide renown “Casa del Habano” in Colombia, and it came out as a fake too. If casa del Habano is selling fakes then where on earth can we really deposit our trust? Chris, I think it is in your best interest to get some Habanos S.A backing on this and put and end to it. I’m due for my next cigar box and I waiting…

  25. Experience: Neutral

    There is a discussion on this website about the Habanos online verification system and apparantly it is very unreliable and genuine codes often come back as frauds. Don’t take the website seriously, rely instead on the box, presentation, and the cigar itself.
    I haven’t tried this supplier, but if I had to guess, I’d say there are probably legit.

    Anyway, the website with discussion is here:-

  26. Experience:

    I had a friend in Switzerland ask his driver to take him to the address that is on cigaone’s Website, well, it doesn’t exist. So I have been a faithful customer of theirs for years but now I am suspect. I have pictures of him standing in fromt of the building and their is no cigar shop there. You make the call.

  27. Experience: Neutral

    I am always open to answering any questions or queries concerning Habanos and Cuban cigars. As to the location of our shop, storage and warehouse facilities by all means if you are in Geneva, contact us and we can arrange for a visit. SixGun, if your friend is here, get him to visit us.

  28. Experience: Neutral

    After a discussion with Chris, and the fact that I have no reason to suspect that is anything less than reputable I will continue to use them. My Cigars have always been consistently the same. My comments were only made based upon mis-communication and the word of others. I have always had good service and good cigars from them. So, I was a bit quick to judge with no justification, my apologies Chris.

  29. Experience: Neutral

    For questions on CigarOne cigar supply, I encourage you to contact Intertabak Ag, official Habanos supplier in Switzerland. I can understand if you do not wish to take my word, so please go directly to the source. I hope this will put everyone’s mind at ease. We do appreciate honest feedback from people who have actually used our services, positive or negative as this allows us to further improve.

  30. Experience:

    Ordered 2 3-packs of the Siglo VI Tubos and they arrived well packaged and in a timely manner. The Habanos were legit and will definitely order from again.

    Update (Oct 18 2010) My second order with consisted of 1 3pk of Siglo VI Tubos and 5 Monte 2’s. Again the authentic Habanos arrived in a timely manner and in pristine condition. Thanks again to for a great experience!

  31. Experience: Neutral

    It’s been a few years. Better prices were out there. Used them more as a BU. They wouldn’t ship with he bands on, sometimes torn wrappers. Rsolution was quick.

  32. Experience:

    Interesting thread – ordered a box from them a week ago – I will follow up with what I receive.

    Update: Received my MonteCristo #1 5 days after the order was placed. Cigars arrived well packaged and air tight sealed. I will order again as I am extremely satisfied with my order.

  33. Experience:

    I’ve been ordering from Chris since 2005. Cigarone’s customer service is superb. They’re discreet, prompt, the packaging has always been secure, and every cigar I’ve purchased has been as perfect as a hand rolled cigar can be. I’m partial to the Montecristo #2’s, which are absolutely first rate as delivered (as has been every other cigar I’ve ordered). The flavor is unmistakeable, a flavor I learned to love when I lived in Hong Kong. Great service. Even when Cuba opens up to American tourism I’m sure I’ll use Cigarone – they’ve been THAT good. $0.02

  34. Experience:

    Have ordered several times from cigarone and have been very pleased with the cigars and the quick service. My orders have never taken more than 5 days from ordering until receipt and they have always arrived in excellent condition and vacuum bagged. There are better prices online but I’m willing to pay slightly more for fast shipping and well-cared-for product. I have no reason to suspect that anything I’ve ever purchased from them was not legit.

  35. Experience:

    I have been ordering from cigarone for about 10 times, I can surely tell you guys that all their cubans (different brands) are legit, and their service is suberb. Chris and the team are really good at what they are doing, just order a few sticks from them and check those out yourselves, what can you lose??

  36. Experience:

    Placed my first order with these folks on October 16th for a box of Montecristo #4 to try them out as a new vendor. Received email update indicating they were shipped on October 19th. Received box of cigars on October 25th.

    Box was vacuum packed and the original seals were broken from the box being opened for inspection (which I am happy that they inspect what they are sending before they ship). The cigars are high quality and genuine and everything was in perfect order including the box, seals(the seals described above are correct), placement of all of the seals, certificate of authenticity in the box, bands with the proper color and variable embossing, separator, etc. Upon inspecting the cigars and removing some to look at the foot the cigars are rolled beautifully, they’re uniform in size and color and certainly smell authentic.

    Very happy with the quality and quick shipping from these folks and will use again in the future. They would have had to spend a lot of time and money to fake an inexpensive cigar. If what they sent are fake, I’m switching to fake cigars from CigarOne.

  37. Experience:

    Having been a customer of CigarOne for a few years and ordered hundreds of only Montecristo #2. Each one has been consistent in structure, color, taste and burning.

    I am European and have smoked genuine cuban cigars from different sources in several countries. I have no reason to believe that the cigars supplied by CigarOne are anything but genuine.

    Their service is both excellent and consistent…. from someone NOT easily impressed.

  38. Experience:

    If you want quality cuban cigars, this is not the place. Threw over 20 in trash no refund, absolute horrible taste were not real. Sat in 65-68% humidity, just weren’t real

  39. Experience: Neutral

    Having ordered and received multiple boxes from here, I believe Bigal does not know a real cuban. And to throw in trash? I have been smoking cigars for over 30 years and I have Never, EVER had to throw a box away. I have had some that I may not care for but they were still a good cigar.

  40. Experience: Neutral

    Jim you are flat wrong, some of the stick tasted very harsh , and nowhere close to a real cuban. You speak for yourself not me. They were cohiba siglo IV and I have smoked a real cohiba IV, they tasted absolutely like crap, no b.s. here, only speak the truth.

  41. Experience:

    Cigarone definitely is not legit. I received my fake Cuban cigar order from and took it as a loss. Now I’m working with a close lawyer friend of mine to have them exposed for their fraudulent business practices…

  42. Experience: Neutral

    So be it…..

    All you need to do it provide evidence for your legal action and let the “experts” decide.

    Until then, I will continue to do business with these guys.

    Incidentally, the price of a Fuentes Hemingway is twice the price of your alleged “fake” Montecristo #2… which is twice as good, so either way, I am a happy customer.

  43. Experience: Neutral

    Please provide evidence of legal action.

    I also encourage people to back up their claims of “fake” cigars with pictures of what they have received (if a cigar is a short-filler for example, this can easily be seen). Just the fact that cigars taste like trash doesn’t mean that they are not authentic. I have had cigars from Casas de Habanos with a horrible taste and I highly doubt they were not authentic.

  44. Experience: Neutral

    Inspector, IMHO, some of these guys take pot shots at different vendors possibly because they are competitors, anti-smokers, etc. Or they are inexperienced cigars smokers that wouldn’t know a Cohiba from a King Edward.

  45. Experience:

    I have to give Cigarone a huge Thumbsup. I had started ordering from them a couple of months ago. Prices were not the lowest, but they are not the highest either. The trick I have found is to wait for the specials, of which they have in sufficient regularity. They also have some cigars (ELs, REs, and vintage&aged) that you can’t easily find. I order from other sites and sometimes have mixed results. Every order I’ve received from Cigarone has been first rate. They usually tell you to wait a bit before smoking the cigars mailed to you, but I have found that the cigars from Cigarone come in such good condition, I have not needed to.

    Recently, I had ordered a couple of boxes. Chris wrote to me and informed me of all the fun U.S. customs was having with packages, particularly from Switzerland, and suggested I let them repackaged and unbanded in discreet boxes. I was a little uncomfortable at first, but because of the rapport Chris had built up with me over several orders, I felt I could trust his decision.

    Well, the cigars took a bit longer to arrive, the plain boxes were opened, the cigars were in good condition and still sealed. I smoked one right away and it was perfect. Thanks to Chris, and oh by the way, the other two orders I had places from different distributers never made it. I have a refund from one and am awaiting one from the other.

    The cigars have to be authentic…there are plenty of places from where you can get that. I will keep ordering from Cigarone because they take care of me they way my neighborhood tobacchinist does. For me that goes a long way.

    Update (Jan 15 2011) Received my latest shipment from CigarOne. Delivery was surprisingly prompt, given the distance, and customs issues of the current environment. All cigars were in perfect condition, and I know they will be great smokes. Been smoking Cuban cigars for a long time and I have no doubt with their authenticity. CigarOne continues to EARN my business with an outstanding product, great service, and a selection that keeps me as a discerning and loyal customer. Good job CigarOne!

  46. Experience: Neutral

    There have been some more suspect negative comments from people with invalid e-mails (on several shops), which have been deleted. From now on, I will systematically ask for pictures and proof of orders if someone is just claiming that cigars are fake.

  47. Experience: Neutral

    Inspector as I stated I’m in the process of gather everything needed and trying to determine the international laws. Once everything is put together and the paperwork is filed you will get your pictures. Your right about Casas de Habanos. They are a Habanos authorized retailer and are my #1 supplier. I have also visited their wonderful shop while on vacation numerous times. It’s sad to see you taking the negative comments personal. If your going to start requesting pictures of orders for negative comments do the same for positive comments because it was the positive comments here that made me try out Cigarone. Just like the person comment you quickly deleted said. Cigarone can easily post positive comments about their business just like someone can post a so called fake negative. Don’t take sides, request pictures of orders for positive ones as well.

  48. Experience: Neutral

    Gucci I’m not taking any comments personally. Why should I? However, when a person with poor English claims that cigars from two rather reputable shops are fake and uses an invalid e-mail, I’m tempted to say it’s shady. Such comments _will_ be deleted.

  49. Experience: Neutral

    The vendor, whomever they are, is entitled to the benefit of the doubt.

    If someone wishes to make an accusation of fraud, simple justice demands they SHOULD provide evidence to support their claim, not some vague, anecdotal statement.

    CigarOne continues to enjoy my trust, based upon the product they sell and their unfailing service.

    Accusations that clients of CigarOne (such as myself) who continue to purchase from that Company are impostors, is absurd and calls into doubt the veracity of the recent claims of fraud.

  50. mlanterman says:

    Experience: Neutral

    Sunmind- I believe the customer is entitled to the benefit of the collective experiences of CigarOne’s customers. I purchased from CigarOne based on reviews I read here. It was a bad experience and I wouldn’t want to see others get burned the way I did.

  51. Experience: Neutral

    Mlanterman that’s exactly how I feel because I based my decision to try them out based on the positive comments here and was highly upset when I got burned. It’s very possible they sell some authentic and some fakes like some mentioned ( as to why I don’t know). But I wouldn’t be quick to judge every negative comment as another company or upset customer trying to make them look bad because I’m quite sure not every negative comment is made up. I still love this site and have nothing against at all.

  52. Narrowdoors says:

    Experience: Neutral

    I have just received my small (15 cigar) order from CigarOne. While a vast majority of them look great, I have no doubt that one of the Partagas cigars is a fake. The ring is so poorly designed: the color is off, the font is way different, the kerning is not uniform… as a graphic art designer it is not difficult to spot very bad design, esp. when used to seeing it done well. I also suspect one of the Cohiba’s is fake as the back of the ring has a very angled cut and is much looser than most quality Cuban cigar rings. I have sent an e-mail to them regarding my concerns. Depending on how they handle this I will either recommend or strongly discourage anyone from using CigarOne.

    Edit: here are the first pictures taken with an iPhone. Better quality pictures are expected soon.
    Pic 1, Pic 2, Pic 3, Pic 4, Pic 5
    Update: clearer picture of the band.

  53. Experience: Neutral

    I updated your comment with pictures you sent me. Habanos often change bands, for example there is great difference in detail between a RASS and RASCC. There are also many different versions of the Partagas D4 band.

    Keep us posted and let us know how they smoke if you decide to smoke one.

  54. Experience:

    (comments have been consolidated)

    Comment #1 (Nov 15 2009) I am a repeat customer of and they by far have authentic Cuban cigars. Having shopped around and in the internet with other sites, you can not compare the selection. The price you pay for Cuban cigars will be higher, so if you purchase “cubans” for less than what the LCDH ( Casa de Habanos ) sells for you are probably getting fakes i.e: Cohiba (LCDH) 337 vs. Cohiba (Puroexpress) 201. The price should be a red flag. Do some research and don’t base it all on price. If it is too low than you are getting what you paid for. This is not the case with Cigar one. You get what you paid for and they are the real deal.

    Comment #2 (Jul 16 2010) Chris and Sandra at CigarOne have always been straight shooters and have always delivered what I wanted. I have traveled quite a bit and I have had Habanos from the Bahamas, Mexico, and Cuba herself, and the taste and aroma that you get on your pallet from the cubans sold at CigarOne, are the same exact match and experience that I had from smoking Habanos abroad.

    Comment #3 (Oct 2 2010) I ordered R y J Short Churchill’s over a month ago and have matured in the humidor. As always, pure tobacco, nuttyness, coffee…all the flavours that one would expect from a Cuban Cigar. Chris, Sandra, and Marc at many thanks.

    Comment #4 (Oct 17 2010) A few weeks ago I ordered my Bolivar Coronas Extra. Again, and again authentic and the cigars have all the attributes of an authentic Habano. For those that are weary of box codes and open boxes, these items have to be inspected and CigarOne does so to assure that what they are sending are good quality. At times, some Habanos slip thru the cracks and quality may be compromised. If you ever visit a LCDH, mostly all their boxes have been opened to assure quality.
    Many thanks to CigarOne!!

    Comment #5 (Jan 11 2011) Recieved my order a week ago, in light of all the delays due to all Swiss shipments being diverted to Chicago O’Hare. Great looking smokes from Juan Lopez Sel No 2 and SLR Regios. Thnks for the Montecristo Edmundos Marc. All smokes are resting in my humidor……

  55. Narrowdoors says:

    Experience: Neutral

    Thanks for posting my pictures Inspector and sending the link. It does look very similar to the Standard Band A (Pre 1960s to 2002, discontinued) but mine is NOT embossed. It would explain the slight difference in position in the text “FLOR DE TABACOS DE … Y COMPANIA” But the lack of attention to detail is still glaring… the wheat (?) between the embossed arch and the coins for example. Also, I would like to hear what you (and the community) makes of the poorly cut and very loosely fitting Cohiba band.

  56. Experience: Neutral

    Narrowdoors I can tell you now you won’t get no help at all from emailing cigarone.. They will promise you they are authentic and send you a few links to compare like inspector did and also tell you about the great history and reputation of their company :/ A lot of people have been burnt by cigarone. Someone else here complained about receiving fake Cohibas. But somehow a lot of people still believe they are legitimate when they are not. Good luck with your response from them. If you decide to smoke one you will be waisting your time and be highly upset…

  57. Experience: Neutral

    I bought sixty (two separate consignments of thirty) Montecristo #2 for Christmas. They arrived vacuum-sealed and now repose in a humidor.

    Each one was inspected by me and they are flawless. Their color was uniform per consignment, although the two consignments varied slightly, which is normal.

    Have smoked from both consignments…. they are consistent, an even burn, held the ash body well, wonderful aroma.

    The final test, my labrador’s nose…he won’t leave me alone when I smoke the cubans, will get interested for an Aurora but nary the twitch of a whisker for a Fuentes.

  58. Narrowdoors says:

    Experience: Neutral

    @ GUCCI: Marc did send me an initial e-mail with their history and reputation and that I was basically accusing Cuba of mailing out fakes since all their cigars come directly from there. I politely responded back with pictures of the two cigars in question and asking that if they are indeed genuine, why are the bands so far off the mark? I will give them 48 hours before giving the review they deserve, whatever that ends up being. The other 13 cigars look and smell like the real deal. I ordered some cigars that I am very familiar with and those look good. The others though…

  59. Experience:

    My experience with cigarone started positive a few years ago. Not Only did I but also others frends of my ordering by cigarone. Last year I think we ordered for more then 1000 euro. The quality changed from good to average (or alternating) to really bad quality. I have the same experience with a refund or a change of cigars. They always point the finger to others,
    How do I keep them (I have I think one of the best humidors)relative humidity, temp, they are real cubans so they can’t help it. They have to rest for a while etc….Thing is that i dont gave a shit about fake or authentic the fact that their cigars are really bad is what matters the most. I ven had fakes which where very thastfull. So to me cigarone is maybe not selling fakes (which I seriously doubt)but the quality of their cigars is very low below avarage. That is to me what really counts.
    Never again cigarone. Found a very reliable retailer and WOW enjoying cubans al over again. You deserve for the amout of monay you pay quality cigars!!!!!!!!

  60. Experience:

    Have placed several orders with cigarone and the cigars were received quickly and packed wonderfully. EVERY cigar I have received was unquestionably authentic. Everything from partagas, Montecristo and bolivar… All tasted exactly as they should. Amazing prices, guaranteed authenticity, amazing shipping times ( days, not weeks) and impeccable customer service have made me a customer for life. Out of every online dealer available, cigarone should be at the top of everyones list.

  61. alejandro_2077 says:


    I can’t beleive any of the derrogatory comments someone may have against Cigar One. This is my 3rd order with them and they do an excellent job at removing bands and repackaging cigars in the unmarked boxes. And now that they have express Service you get your cigars in 2 days. I’m not an expert by any means but I have had my share of cuban cigars and the cigars they sell are authentic. To those who have not tried Cigar One, I really encourage you to try them and now with the express service, you get your cigars in 2 days. You can’t beat that and when you do receive your cigars, they look like they just came out of the humidor.

  62. Experience: Neutral

    Still waiting for Narrowdoors to follow up on the undertaking to update his review, 48 hours from his post on January 12th.

  63. Experience: Neutral

    Great selection at CigarOne and surely they sell real Cubans. But the prices are far too high, especially on the regional editions. If only they could lower their prices by 20-30%, I would recommend this vendor.

  64. Experience:

    Wonderful customer service!!! Marc is a great guy and went the extra mile to get my order here after a few hiccups with customs during the November/December confiscations. Cigars were vacuum packed and in great shape.

    Unequivocally authentic. Im an avid CC smoker, so i think i should know. They smell and taste great.

    Prices are comparable to the other authentic sites. Has specials regularly, so if you keep a lookout for them, you should be OK. I would be wary of too cheap prices, Id rather pay a few bucks more and rest assured im getting the real deal (along with great customer service), than risk it with some other sites.

    Overall great experience, Id recommend Cigarone to anyone.

  65. Experience:

    I have ordered from cigarone 3 times and i have no reason to believe they are fakes. The 1st time the cigars (Cohiba Genios Maduro 5, Monte LE 2008) came nicely vacuum packed, the 2nd shipment never made it (more about this below) and the 3rd time I ordered them repackaged and the cigard showed up in 2 days with the bands showing up about 4-5 days later. The one thing I would like cigarone to do is to guarantee ALL shipments, like many others do. Cigarone will only guarantee repackaged shipments, so you have a choice between no guarantee and having to put the bands back on yourself. The bands I received were in ok shape, not great, but I really can’t fault cigarone for that, but my great preference would be for them to ship and guarantee intact cigars, I’d be hapy to pay more for shipping or purchase some sort of insurance. I would really like to order from them again but this is issue is stopping me.

  66. Experience:

    all i have to say is Marc took care of a lost shipment very promply and the cigars are 100% legit. it’s funny to see people cut down this vendor while singing praises to other vendors on here who suck.

  67. Experience:

    I’ve been chasing an sizeable and costly order on behalf of my boss who placed his order over a week ago. I’ve chased many times both by email (where they say they’ll respond quickly – and don’t) and phone. Finally and by chance, Marc answered the phone last week though he seemed very laissez-faire about delivery, suggesting they would arrive soon. The cigars still haven’t arrived and I am getting no response which is very worrying. Any suggestions please? Thanks. N

  68. Experience:

    Comparing the HDM Epicures that I received from Cigarone and the one stick I happened to have bought from my local reputable delaer I can say that they are exactly the same in color, construction, size and banding. I’ve made a few orders from these guys and I really don’t see how they could be fake. I’ve ordered a wide variety of sticks from them and I just don’t see how it’s possible to counterfeit on this level. Also, whenever I contact them they respond extremely quickly. I’m baffled by the criticism.
    Also, my orders all arrived extremely quickly.

  69. Experience:

    I have only ordered from them once, they where going to be my new supplier because there customer service was fantastic! unfortunately they dont take MC anymore so unless I wanna get an AMX (try explaining that to the wife ha!) then I will only have the one experience….

    Cigars where quick and perfect…thank you CigarOne

  70. Jakesnake says:

    Experience: Neutral

    Have ordered from Cigarone for years, and always liked their service. But, then they started charging $22 for FedEx delivery, which had been included previously. Free delivery is now by mail, and takes 7-8 days, instead of 2. Now they don’t take Visa or MasterCard, so unless you have a Diner’s Card or American Express Card, you have to pay your bank for a bank transfer to their bank. That does not make sense on top of Cigarone’s already healthy price.

  71. thedaddy69 says:


    im not sure where all the negative comments are from? i ordered from the UK easly last week and received my beautiful selection of CC this morning! they were packed very well and all seem to be in perfect condition! Will be ordering again very soon!!!! Thank you cigarone!!!!!!!

  72. Cholliday says:


    The reshipment of my Montecristo #2s arrived today, only five days after it was posted from Switzerland. The whereabouts of the first shipment, posted on May 12, is still a mystery. They kept their word.

  73. Experience:

    I have ordered a few times from cigarone, packaging is excellent and the quality of the cigars is excellent! The overall experience is great! From a happy cigar smoker in The Netherlands. I will order again, thanks cigarone!!

  74. tlebamoff says:


    I ordered 300 sticks, monte’s, bolivar, & portagas. All very well packaged from cigarone – they now are resting in my humidor. I have bought from another supplier (in person) that is located in Geneva. The monte’s are consistent and I inspected the boxes – they all look good – the personal code was removed which to me makes sense since there will be no way to pass the boxes on to someone else in the USA. They all have smoked great. The first one I smoked was the day I received them and it was harsh, but it was also dry (due to shipping). The others I have smoked after resting a couple of days all smoked great. I have no reason to doubt they are real. I even cut one open and looked at the whole leafs and how the inner part of the cigar was made. The ash was white/grey, not black – the ash was over an inch long and occasionally when the ash dropped a cone shape appeared from the outer leaves burning faster than the inner. I will be in Geneva in the next few months and will hopefully meet Marc.

  75. Experience:

    I placed my first order with earlier this week and today received my cigars today.
    Personally I am a very sceptical person and didn’t want to place a large order until I was sure, that what I was buying was not spurious.

    My order was for 3 Romeo y Julieta Churchill’s and 3 Cohiba Siglo V’s. I chose these cigars because I already have both in my humidor (I know for a fact that they are legit), so I can compare both cigars from 2 different retailers.

    I understand, I should have let the cigars rest in my humidor for a few days before smoking, but I just couldn’t resist temptation, and have just finished a Siglo V. I can say without a shadow of a doubt that what I have just finished smoking was indeed the real deal. A 100% legitimate Habano.

    Their customer service is impeccable. Marc responded to both my emails, within the hour, and was very pleasant to deal with.

    I have absolutely no problem recommending to anyone.

    Also, for people complaining, that their prices are too high, just take a gander at some Irish retailers websites, and you will have an idea of what I have put up with over the last few years.
    Compared to my local (Dublin) retailer, the prices are, in some cases 50% less (10 Bolivar Royal Corona Tubos are exactly half the price from compared to, which is astounding.

    They have gained me as a loyal customer for many years to come, for many reasons, but mainly the quality of the packaging, speed of delivery and Marc’s excellent customer service.

  76. Experience:

    Hello all, I have ordered many times from cigarone and am extremely pleased with there products and service and quick shipping. Marc is always very quick to order questions and to help out when your looking for a certain cigar. A+++

  77. Experience:

    Dear all,
    Have been ordering from cigar one for the last year and half. I have been very happy with their service and quality. They have a great referal program where you recieve free cigars when you refer your friends.

    The goods are shipped in vacum packs and generally reach australia in about 6 to 10 days. The only down side is the extra time and cost it sometimes takes to get through customs. Having said that the price still finishes up 50% cheaper than what you would pay here.

    On the one occasion I recieved some cigars that we of poor quality. I notified them and they replaced them free of charge with my next order.

    Will continue to deal with them well into the future. Keep up the good work Marc.

  78. Midwest JT says:


    Finally took the plunge and ordered a box of 10 & several singles to test the waters. Impressed with every step of the process — communication throughout the order process as well as follow-up to answer my questions (within 24hrs!) exceeded my expectations! Product was safely vac packed and based on all indicators for authenticity, I have no reason to doubt the product is as advertised. Ordered Jan 27 and delivered transatlantic Feb 1. First and only order to date.

  79. California KF says:


    I have ordered three times and loved the experience! First two were a five pack sampler then i ordered a box of romeo Y julieyas Quick delivery, great packaging(vacuume sealed) and great smokes! If I had more money I would buy more. My only thing is I had to ship discretely and didn’t get the original box. I would love one for my collection. Any way to get an empty one sent my way?
    Overall a great experience! I would go with cigar one again!
    Thanks Marc

  80. Experience:

    Sad to see that the box I ordered was priced significantly less at another popular website, but my order arrived fast and very well packed.

    I really appreciated having a USPS tracking number as well (which I didn’t get from the other site.)

  81. johnnyS says:


    I have now ordered multiple times from and have been very happy with each order. If you doubt authenticity, I suggest you start with a small order and get more as you feel confident that you are recieving the genuine article. I just got some Partagas Serie P No.2s that have become my new favorite! The aroma is like nothing I’ve ever experienced–cocoa, vanilla, mildly herbal, and ever so perfectly constructed. I lit only the corner, and as fidel promised, it evened out within about an inch! Additionally, Marc has been excellent in dealing with restrictions from VISA with online tobacco purchases. Cigars always arrive well packed and in excellent condition.

  82. burghblast says:


    Just received my first shipment from Cigar One: 10 Bolivars, 10 Montecristos, and 5 Cohibas. Having previously smoked exactly one Cuban cigar in my life — a Cohiba in Argentina — I must confess I have little basis for comparison. The packaging looks legit, the craftsmanship is superb, and based on my Internet research the labels appear authentic. Are they real Cubans? I have no idea, and I don’t care. I can only say the Bolivar I just smoked was the finest cigar I’ve ever enjoyed. My Cuban wife agrees. Big thumbs up for Cigar One. I look forwards to future shipments.

  83. Cigarlover says:


    I have been ordered more than 5 times since 2009 by using diffferent relative’s name to receive some cigar referral bonus in cigarone. I agreed that their price is a little higher than other website. However let me tell the real cigar lover about my opinion. Last week I order 4 boxes from a very good reviewed website because of their attractive price. I recevied all 4 boxes from that website(nice package and fast shipping) and I know I make a mistake. I try to save $160 price difference and got some dry, lack of favored cigars for all 4 boxes. It is acceptable if only one box is in “bad quality” but It’s not possible to happen all 4 boxes has the same problem. I wont order from somewhere else again becasue of the price attractive. I just email MARC in cigarone about my experience and see if he can offer me some discount since their cigar is real cuban cigar. I wont order from somewhere again because of price attractive. You trick me once and I wont order again. You give me good quality and I’m willing to pay even you are a little expensive than others. That what I think as a consumer.

  84. Experience:

    Just received my first order. DEFINITELY legit. I still had packaging from known legit I brought back with me from the airport in Kuwait. I had packaging bands and one cigar left. The packaging and bands were from Cohiba, Monte Cristo, Partagas and Hoyo De Monterrey. The cigar I had left (aging till my baby’s born) was a Cohiba Siglo II.

    If the cigars I received are fakes, then they’re the best damn forgeries I’ve ever seen. That or the ones I bought in Kuwait were forged from the same place. If I’d bought them from a back ally shop or one of the Souques I could see that as a possibility. But these were bought from an upscale shop at the airport on my way home from a deployment.

    The only negative comment is that when I placed my order for a five pack sampler, the one selection listed a three pack of Epicure no. 2 tubos. I only selected those because it would be a really good deal for three at that price. I only received one. I emailed and pointed this out and they apologized and said they were await of the problem but didn’t offer to correct it. Not too big of a deal but figured I’d point it out.

    Also, there was nowhere to Select visa for my payment but they DID email me a link to make my payment. They were fast with their communications too.

    A side note/advice for the company. My year deployed to Kuwait was serving as a customs agent. During my training we were basically told that if we see cigars with no packaging you automatically assume they’re Cuban and confiscate them. Otherwise why wouldn’t they have packaging? So taking off bands and boxes and mailing them different will not keep shipments from being confiscated if discovered.

    I also hoped the shipping would be faster, took about a week and a half, but that was on USPS. Cigar One mailed the order on Monday. Placed it on Friday afternoon, evening there, so I wouldn’t have expected anything sooner from there.

    Really relieved to know there’s a place I can get Cuban cigars with the confidence of knowing they’re legit.

    Thanks Cigar One.

  85. Experience:

    Just received my first order from Cigar One. It arrived three days after placing the order, the cigars were very well packed and vacuum sealed, absolutely authentic and in perfect condition. Thanks Marc.

    Update #1 (Sep 27 2013) Ordered Montecristo Double Edmondo box, arrived in absolutely perfect and superb condition five days later in all their vacuum sealed, bubble wrapped, genuine Havana Cigars glory. Thanks again Marc.

    Update #2 (Nov 23 2013) Just received another delivery from CigarOne, this time Hoyo Grande Epicure 2013. Superb quality, well packaged, thanks Marc.

  86. Experience: Neutral

    I didn’t use but i read many reviews here and i sent an email to Intertabak. They said that, Cigarone supplies cigars from Intertabak. This is screenshot.

  87. Experience:

    Used Cigarone for the first time, Marc was very prompt in responding to my questions and the cigars arrived promptly. I have no reason to doubt their authenticity. I was so pleased with the transaction that I have already placed another, much larger order with Cigarone and am looking forward to receiving them shortly.

    Thanks Marc

  88. Experience:

    was not happy at all with the quality of the product they sent me. I have smoked Cuban cigars for over 15 years, i know my product.. I returned my order and they sent me inferior product again. I have no faith in this company.

  89. Experience:

    The cigars they sent me appeared to be rolled by a 12 year old, spongy, wind tunnel, some plugged
    will not urchase from this company again

  90. Experience:

    A legit site with a large selection but the prices are through the roof. There are numerous legit retailers, many on the previous list, that are literally half the price. Especially for there limited and regional productions. It’s a shame great selection but I’m not gonna pay over $700 for a box I can get for $350 somewhere else.

    Update: I have to say I left a review saying they are over priced. Which I still think they are but I just placed an order for a regional production and I have to say they do have great customer service. Marc was on top of everything. Given the option I would prefer to save my money and order somewhere else but they are very professional. There selection of rare cigars is great too. If they lowered their prices I would be a more regular customer. PS watch out for there sales. Sometimes they will have 20 or 15 percent off. This is when to jump. They are a decent deal at that price.

  91. Experience:

    Just received my 5th shipment from Marc, like the previous 4, my package was shipped out the next day and I received the cigars in just a little over a week. I can agree with others that their prices are higher than the competition, however I have no problem paying a little extra to know that my package will be sent out the next day and arrive quickly. Thanks again Marc

  92. BGL Scotland. says:


    I have been ordering cigars CigarOne for some time now and could not compliment high enough the professional way in which they – particularly Marc handles my business.

    Of late regrettably I had a fairly sizeable order of cigars go missing in transit and it was an absolute first class experience the way my dissapointment was handled and how speediley a replacement order was despatched.

    Well done Marc.

  93. Dr.Michael Albert says:


    CigarOne offers very attractive monthly specials as well as a mind-bending sale usually around Thanksgiving.Their shipments are sent in a timely manner and are well packaged.All cigars arrive in optimal condition. AS I am a volume smoker I have had the opportunity to enjoy the quality of the many featured brands that are readily available.For both positive ordering and smoking experiences I encourage you to give them a try. P.S. I have been a very satisfied customer for over 10 years.

  94. Mr. Trinidad says:


    I have been doing business with CigarOne since May of 2012. The two major sales for this year have been Father’s Day (in June), and at Thanksgiving/Christmas. Both times, they start out at 20% off, and decrease by 1 week increments to 10% off. Includes regular production cigars, select regionals and select limited editions. I have purchased over 30 boxes from CigarOne this year. Marc is the most professional and courteous vendor I have dealt with. Wait for the sales. You can’t beat it.

  95. Experience:

    I have ordered several times in the last 6 months. I am a fan of Cohiba Robustos and the series 4 D. Every time service has been good and cigars arrive within a few days. As a frequent flyer I have also purchased the same cigars from Heathrow airport. There is no doubt they are the same product. Hand rolled cigars can never be 100% guaranteed for quality. Factor in a long plane ride in various temperatures plus possible handling by customs and of course there will be the odd batch that is off. The only difference I have noticed is the significant lack of a tax hike on the price. David UK

  96. Experience:

    I placed my order January 21st, 2013 and paid with an e-check from my bank account. The money was taken out of my account the same day and I Received an email from Marc shortly there after thanking me for my order and for my e-check payment. After not receiving my order for over 4 weeks, I emailed Marc and he promptly responded saying he didn’t receive my payment. I immediately sent him a picture of the cashed check from the company cigarone uses nd he said he would check it out. He later responded that the money was being refunded. Several weeks later-nothing. I again contacted Marc and explained the situation and he said I’d have to deal with the check processing company myself and he gave me their contact info. I have called several times and it goes directly to a full voice mail box. This to me sounds fraudulent. I have since had a fraudulent charge against my bank account that used an e-check. I had to close my bank account and open another which was a hassle. When I asked my bank what I should do, they said its now between cigarone and the check processing company they use. I emailed Marc explaining this situation and look forward to a quick resolution. I am just concerned why a company with a supposedly great reputation would use a check processing company that appears to be fraudulent…I will keep everyone updated as to what transpires.

  97. Ed Gooding says:


    Recently placed my first order with CigarOne. I put together my own sampler of 10 and took advantage of a three-fer offer of Cohiba Robustos at check-out. I was surprised at how fast that I got the sticks, vacuum packed and in a small box that was securely packaged. The wrappers arrived about 10 days later via postal mail. I have smoked the three Robusto sticks and one Cohiba Exquisitos stick from my chosen sampler. I’ve smoked Cuban cigars all over the Caribbean and while I do not claim to be any type of expert, I detected nothing that seemed non legitimate. I can’t wait to try the Monte Cristo, Punch, Partagas and Romeo y Julieta sticks that I ordered. Based on what I know now, I’ll be back in the future to order again.

  98. sotiriosc says:


    Why review the cigar we all are seeking out Cuban for a reason. Turned out my worries were with out cause as cigar one only sells 100% real Cuban cigars. Felt that way after smoking the cigar. My barcode was ripped off but I did some research and the barcode# is recorded in micro print on the seal. With a good magnifying glass I verified my box.

  99. obviousadams says:


    Dealt with Marc twice and I was very satisfied both times. Great service, great guy and a great selection of HTF stuff.

  100. Experience: Neutral

    To start off, this is my first review on here. I have no affiliation with any of the companies on here. I am a new smoker who wants a way to get cuban cigars. I found out about cigarone online and saw a few inbox in videos and everything seemed legit. I placed an order with them for the first time last week. The package arrived yesterday in good condition and in timely fashion. Marc, who I guess is the owner, emailed me throughout the way.

    Anyways, I opened the box to discover a box of Montecisto no2 opened, after I requested them not to be. I got the same response that I expected: “We inspect all boxes for quality control.” Blah Blah blah! Also, doesn’t the manufacturer inspect the cigars and box before distributing them? With all the boxes being opened, who’s to say someone cannot slip in a few fakes for the sake of profit? Anyway, the cuban dollar sticker was out of place (not bent over the crest) and was without red identification numbers. What really threw me off is how young the sticks were. The bottom read “Mar 13,” which means that the cigars were made, fermented, shipped to the distributor, then to the retailer, THEN to my doorstep. All in three months? Seems a little sketchy. I would like to hear what you guys think and how your experiences have differed. I am wary of these cigars being fakes, but I believe I have reason to be.

  101. Experience: Neutral

    Frank,I have dealt twice with Marc/Cigarone. Both times they were absolutely excellent. The boxes are always opened and inspected, which is how it should be. The identification numbers are torn off as a matter of routine, which is why you are getting Cuban cigars at a very reasonable price. I can assure you the cigars are definitely not fakes, and for the record I have no connection at all with Cigarone or any other cigar supplier.

  102. Experience: Neutral

    Thanks for your comment GFK. I spoke with a friend of mine who owns a tobacco shop here in NYC. He inspected the cigars themselves and told me I had nothing to worry about, which eases my worries. If the sticks taste great, I will not complain. I just want a box unopened and preferably a little older than what I received. I will have to age these at least 6 months before I can smoke them, which is irritating me.

  103. California KF says:

    Experience: Neutral

    Ive ordered from Marc over a dozen times and each time I have had quick response to my order and requests and always done with a professional manner. My sticks have always come in their vacuumed sealed pouch and after a fews weeks sitting in my humidor have been some of the best smokes I have ever had. Im not a cigar snob or aficionado but I can tell the difference from the sticks I get from Marc and the regular sticks I get from south america. I have never had a bad experience with Marc and will continue to frequent his business. I also love the promotions and sales that come every month.

  104. Experience:

    Ordered a box of partagas d4 last month. They arrived vacuum packed in only 5 days and were fresh out of the box. The barcode was recorded in micro print on the cuban seal, and with a magnifying glass I was quickly able to verify my box as authentic. Yes, there are other sites out there with better prices, but this is the real deal. The peace of mind is worth the extra money in some cases.

  105. Habana Mike says:


    Have placed a few orders now with this vendor and have been pleased every time. Boxes, samplers and vintage – all great quality and authentic. As mentioned, prices are not the lowest but quality and service are top notch.

    Only complaint I have is that I requested specifics on a Partagas P1 jar they had listed as available with instructions to contact for details. I was informed they did not have any left but now see one on auction – dissapointing to say the least.

  106. Experience:

    I find Marc’s service and products second to none. Cigars arrive in impeccable condition every time. Every stick is authentic and delicious. Once in a while I get a stick with a bad draw but that’s it. His customer service in professional, attentive and friendly.

    Cigar One gets my highest ratings. Five stars! I will gladly pay more for quality and service compared to cheaper inferior online competition and remember, you get what you pay for.

    I am not a shill for the company, just a happy customer.

  107. Hiroshiro David says:


    Marc is awesome! He is so nice and he deals with you in such a professional and Sincere manner. He’s got me hooked for life!

  108. pinarello6 says:


    Ordered newly arrived Monte Double Edmundo box. Received in record time, vacuum sealed and genuine. Emails from Marc when they shipped and when they were delivered.
    My 3rd order with them and looks like they are my “go to” vendor for hard to find sticks and LE’s which they have tons of

  109. Cigarguy29 says:


    Just get my second order in two weeks. They had a 25% sale that was amazing on most products and I could not resist. Packages came FedEx in just one day for 27 bucks. Crazy! Perfect, legit, first-rate sticks. They have best quality and service bar none. You pay a bit more than others but you never get ripped off and you get what you pay for. You have to be nuts to shop else where. And I am not affiliated with them other than a loyal customer.

  110. Experience:

    I have ordered many boxes from Cigar One in the past two years. Service is always prompt and courteous. I have had boxes confiscated by US customs which were re-sent with no problem. I trust them implicitly. I am very confused by the people who think they have been defrauded.

  111. Emmanouil Tyrakis says:


    I have been a client of CigarOne since 2008, I have placed many orders over these years and they all have been processed with great professionalism and high quality service. I even remember once when I ordered a box of Cohiba Robustos and never arrived in my humidor, Marc sent me another box free of charge. They are great people, reliable and they always reply to the mails.

  112. Experience:

    I am not an expert in Cuban’s…but over 40 years of cigar smoking, have experienced enough Cubans to appreciate what makes a good smoke. I have purchased 4 boxes from Chris; if fakes, they were really, really…really good fakes. More importantly, they did not cost that much more than the other Dominican brands I smoke. With that said…I season every Cuban cigar for over a year in a special humidor set aside for that purpose…the results are quite good. Montecristo #3s having a complexity of flavor, smell and quality of construction that quite make the cost worthwhile. There are one or two others I smoked without seasoning, just for grins and I was pleasantly surprised expecting them to only get better over time. I can’t positively state that Cigar One is selling authentic Cubans…I can only state that I am very satisfied with the service and product….though these ain’t the corner sticks sold at my local tobacconist…they demand special handling; let the box stabilize for 7 days after receipt…then age and smoke…and some brands need aging longer than others. I don’t play golf, gamble, or consort with bad women (sadly) or drive expensive cars…I smoke great cigars.

  113. Experience:

    Iv’e been purchasing cigars from Cigar One for a number of years and found them to be 100% sound.

    As far as being fake, there is no chance ! I have on the other hand purchased “fake” cigars in Cuba and wow you notice the difference, I pulled a few apart and whilst it was tobacco, there was a real load of stalks in there too. I have to say they looked the part but we’re not authentic….I can even tell you where I bought them if anybody is interested as they were only $40.00 a box and that included Espledido’s and Ciglo V’s.

    Even when I lost a consignment to Her Majesties Satanic Border Agency Marc quickly replaced them without charge and without question.

    I think those who say the cigars are fake are most probably smoking them immediately they arrive, when they most certainly need some time to settle in a humidor.

  114. Experience: Neutral

    Agree…after a week of airplanes, cold mail trucks and sitting in a warm or cold post office, they should be left in the original plastic for a week to settle down…then aged in the humidor for some period..I like a year for most,. though some brands demand as much as 3 years..

  115. Experience:

    Tried my first order with Cigarone after being a long time customer of CT. I find the variety and availability of regional and limited additions intriguing. Placed an order for three boxes all of which arrived with 10 days. I allowed them to rest for a few days before sampling one from each box. Hoyo De Luxe & two boxes of Habanos Petit Robusto Samplers. Excellent. While the cost may be a little higher the cigars are excellent! I will add this to my book of go to cigar houses. The service from Marc was top notch & any questions/emails were responded to in a prompt manner. They have definitely eared my vote as a legitimate outfit.



  116. Experience:

    I have placed a big order 16 boxes (different brands for sure) through cingarone last week due to they have 25% off. Normally is 15%-20% off only. Marc put it in 5 different shipments. I received the first two shipments today. I inspect the two shipment I have received and everything looks great. I’m looking forward to receive the other 3 shipments.

  117. Experience: Neutral

    Shop with confidence, this is the real deal. There is no reason to doubt the product. Price is fair and if you have ever had the chance to smoke a cuban or the same cigar you purchased there will be no doubt in your mind. If you haven’t, don’t have doubt. Enjoy

  118. Experience:

    I ordered aged cigars on this site, but what I got were far from aged – they smelled like 1-2 year cigars. Those who know cigars will understand me. I tried one and got more sure they were not the aged ones.
    I complained to Marc but the reply was “I can only confirm to you once more that the cigars you have received are from 2002.”
    On further communication I said that I’m not satisfied with the quality of the product they sent to me. And the reply was something like that it was just my subjective opinion. And that no other clients complained.
    So as I can see their “satisfaction guaranteed” are just words. And if a customer is not satisfied then it’s just his subjective reality…
    I sent the cigars back. Now waiting for refund. As Marc said they will refund on receiving but minus the shipping cost and the cost of one cigar I tried.

  119. Experience:

    There was initially an issue with the cigars I received but within a few hours of my email notifying Cigarone of the problem, Marc responded and was very courteous. As promised, they sent out the replacement cigars the next day.

    I’m waiting to receive the new cigars but overall I’m happy with how they responded. The ones I initially received were authentic cc so I do not have any doubts about that.

  120. Experience: Neutral

    I cannot say how much I love the website design. Also the vintage sampler boxes and sampler boxes. But I hate the high prices and shipping costs. I’ve ordered twice from Marc. First order was shipped priority mail and took 3 1/2 weeks for delivery. -_- Second order was a vintage sample box and a regular sample box. Regular sample box was great vacuum sealed and all cigars in mint condition. But the vintage sample box was all messed up, out of order and also I was charged for a 2002 cohiba siglo 6 but I was sent an aged punch double corona… I was emailed after he sent them and was not given a chance to change my order. There was a slight price difference I was not offered to be refunded or for a credit! I most likely will only order from cigarone for a loose sample box.

  121. Experience:

    I have ordered from Marc at CigarOne about 4 times and every time it has been a great experience. Marc will take the time to go to the humidor, and hand select cigars for you, shipping is quick, and the cigars come vacuumed sealed. Just ordered a box of LGC#2, received them in 10 days, the aroma at cold was delightful, dark and oily wrapper as requested and will let them rest for awhile before lighting them up. I will continue to order from Marc for all my future cigar needs.

  122. Experience: Neutral

    I had tried to send them at least three email over the pass two weeks before my purchase, but have not get any response from them until now. I don’t know why is that happen.

  123. Experience:

    I’ve smoked cigars for over 30 years. CigarOne sticks are the real deal. I live near Detroit and prices are cheaper at CigarOne than every cigar store in Windsor, Ontario. As someone mentioned, they are not much more than some Dominicans I’ve smoked (depends on the stick).

    Having said that, are these sticks legit? Having smoked cubans in and around London, Canada, Germany and Switzerland, they are are legitimate cuban cigars.

    The issue I have is the amount of time they’ve aged before shipping. Without doubt, some of these sticks go right from factory to CigarOne. There, I’m sure they are turned around to customers quickly. As a result, most cigars purchased from CigarOne need to rest in a good humidor for a fair amount of time. To be fair, CigarOne often mentions “buying in advance (i.e. “over winter” to prepare for Spring/ outdoor smoking) to store in your humidor.

    As we know, the aging/ storing/ resting issue can be managed. The main issue is legitimacy. I’ve been buying from CigarOne for 10+ years. I have no reason to believe ANY of the cigars I’ve received are fakes. Shipping is reasonable and packaging for shipping is very good.

  124. Experience:

    These guys are the real deal! Genuine Cubans come to your doorstep in 7 days in perfect condition! I strongly recommend the aged cigars, as these often times have a much more complex taste and none of the harshness of new Cubans. The customer service is excellent with constant communication. Great cigars, great service. They’re not the cheapest but they are the best. Thank you, Marc and the rest of your team!

  125. Ian Porter says:


    Wonderful, hassle free word class service. I have ordered on many occasions and the cigars have always arrived within 7 days in prsitine condition. What’s very refreshing is that these guys know their product in-depth, are always forthcoming with advice which makes the overall experience very personal. Thank you Marc and all the team at CigarOne!!

  126. Experience:

    Long time customer of CigarOne, Marc is top notch. Fast shipment, prompt responses and quality product. I cant recommend them enough! A++++

  127. Experience:

    I bought a box of Partagas D5 10’s. It was my first time from this vendor. The box arrived in 3 business day. The cigars were fantastic. The box had all his seals. The serial number was removed, but with a UV torch i was able tu verify the originality of the box.

  128. James Addrison says:


    Positive as always. Marc is my contact at CigarOne and makes the whole experience an absolute pleasure. I am always kept right up to date with my order and have had any requests made without hesitation.
    In my experience (which is as an occasional cigar smoker), the selection is wide and varied and the site offers very good prices when compared to other establishments both local to where I live and online.
    I am happy to recommend CigarOne to friends, family and colleagues and anyone else that cares to read this review.
    Thank you Marc and CigarOne, your services are very much appreciated. Your loyal customer!

  129. Experience:

    I have dealt with Marc on a few different occasions and he has been very responsive and helpful. I couldn’t ask for better customer service. I assume what I have received is the real deal. They certainly taste good. It’s really difficult to tell for sure when I can’t go to a local shop and compare products.

  130. Experience:

    I have had nothing but great service from Marc. Second to none. They have a good selection and fair prices. No, they are not as cheap as a few other sites…but they make up for it in customer service and fairly frequent sales (which they are having right now actually.) I just placed another order with them and feel like I got a pretty good deal.

    The quality of the cigars have been good and seem to be maintained well at Cigarone. I have received all of my orders very quickly as well. I will continue to spend my money where my patronage in appreciated.

    Update (May 1 2014) I just received my latest order from Marc at Cigarone and I’m extremely happy with the cigars. They are vacuum sealed, of course, and nice an pliable. Not too humid or too dry. The cigars are in excellent overall condition. It will be hard to keep from smoking these before they acclimate to my humidor. Thanks Marc!

  131. Experience:

    Have been dealing with Marc and Cigar One for over a year now. The service and quality of the cigars has always been excellent. We have found Cigar One and their selections to be excellent value for money and the cigars have always arrived in mint condition after travelling all the way from Switzerland to Australia.
    Thank you Marc and team at Cigar One – a fantastic website and experience. A++++++++

  132. Experience:

    Marc and his team at CigarOne are hands down the most customer service related company I have dealt with in years. I have had simultaneous orders (I’m scattered brain) and they have gone out of their way to help me obtain my ultimate goal “smoking a damn good cigar” thank you Marc and Co. much appreciated on many levels -Rory

  133. Experience:

    Good service, well packed, vacuum sealed sticks in a box,1 week delivery.
    I ordered from Cigarone because you can buy mixed singles which you can’t on the other “Swiss” sites. All came in perfect condition.
    I would Imagine these are fairly young which would go to explain why some people have found sticks from here harsh-its the same with all of these companies.

    They are considerably more expensive than other similar retailers but their range is extensive, carrying regionals and limited editions. Would use again if after specific sticks, but there are much cheaper sites to go to if you are looking for regular production boxes and you don’t mind them with little to no age on.

    All in all expensive but very good.

  134. Charles R says:


    Marc has been a pleasure to work with. Excellent customer Service and unbelievably fast shipping. The selection is unbeatable. I’ve placed multiple orders and will will absolutely buy from him again. Simply put fantastic authentic cigars and fantastic customer service.

  135. Frank Zhou says:


    Having been ordering from CigarOne for over 2 years, I still get some surprises from them. I was offered a Swiss Regional cigar for my $2 credit. Packaging is the best among all the cigar shops (on or off-line).

  136. Experience: Neutral

    I’m trying to make my first order from CigarOne and am unable to complete the order because the only payment options are American Express and JCB. There is no Visa option even though there is a logo on the bottom of their website. Has anyone else noticed this?

    I e-mailed them several days ago but have not received a response from them yet.

  137. george tucker says:


    I have always had a great experience with CigarOne. My last shipment was tampered with and the box was opened when it arrived. The good news was that the vacuumed sealed package was still sealed so the cigars were ok. I always have my cigars shipped without the rings on them. CigaOne will mail the rings in an envelope a few days later. I believe this was the reason my cigars were not confiscated.

  138. Experience:

    Cigars are always in excellent condition, well packaged and delivered fast. It takes about 5 days from ordering to arriving (in Wales). This is a great company.

  139. theboysinboca says:


    Just recieved my shipment of Partagas series P #2 checked the box code and… boom verified through Habanos! This place is the real deal! Thanks Cigar One

  140. Experience:

    I read with interest the comments of some of you so called experts in cigars. I have been smoking Cohibas for the last 20 years and I know a fake from a real one. Billionaire is out of order to write with such a convinction that Cigar 1 is a fraud. I wonder if he is really a billionnaire or if by smoking cigars he think he is one, anyway after purchasing cigars from CIGAR ONE many times I can say without hesitation that I allways received REAL CUBAN and all this internet dribble is probably created by a competitor that want to discredit a perfectly legit company for his own gain. As for the price that some of you think is too high why then you do not buy in your own country where I assume you base your price comparison and stop complaining? come and buy Cigars in the UK and you’ll see what high prices are. Cigar One prices are right for CH, France, Italy and other countries in Europe. WELL DONE CIGAR ONE carry on sending me good Cigars

  141. Experience: Neutral

    I have ordered two cases of Montecristo #2s from Cigar One. Both arrived in a sealed plastic bag inside of an unmarked plain wood box. The first case of 25 were much darker than the 100’s of Cuban #2s I have smoked. Taste wise they were off as well. I purposefully ordered a second box to compare, and if you were to look at the cigars side by side there is no question they are different.

    Keep in mind, both boxes came from CigarOne and the cigars were very different. The second box was much closer to what I would consider a genuine cuban #2 but its impossible to say for sure. I will not be reordering.

  142. Experience:

    Marc really knows how to run a very good cigar business. Beautiful selection, fast shipping, proper packaging. Simply top notch !

  143. Experience:

    Excellent provider. Their cigars are absolutely genuine and the service is top notch.

    Their prices are a bit higher than on other sites but their variety is unmatched and they have some great cigars on sale every week. I’ve placed 3 orders so far, all of them arrived in perfect condition including a sample box of 10 cigars.

    Honestly, I was a bit nervous at first because of some reviews talking about fake cigars but I have no idea what that was all about.

  144. Experience:

    I’ve been smoking Cuban cigars for more than twenty years, since they first became readily available here in Tokyo, and I also can attest to the fact that each order from Cigar One has been of the highest quality surpassing even that of the same brands offered in high-end shops in Tokyo. They always arrive promptly in excellent condition. I tried other online purveyors prior to Cigar One, but not one could match the quality of product and service.

  145. Experience:

    Found CigarOne a year ago shopping for Dad, took the chance and have not regretted it since. CigarOne’s prices are on par with other obtainable sources, moreover their customer service, packing and shipping are incredible, I receive my shipments from Switzerland faster then from the normal stores on the east coast! customer for life. Thanks

  146. Ed Gooding says:

    Experience: Neutral

    I attempted to make another purchase from Cigar One today and upon checkout, my only payment options were bank transfer in Euros or Swiss Marks. I’ve always paid for my cigars with my AmEx card. Anyone know if this is a change in policy on the part of Cigar One?

  147. Experience: Neutral

    I tried making an order a couple days ago and noticed the same thing. That’s the second time I really wanted to buy from them but couldn’t and ended up going to other places. I wish they would get their payment options right.

  148. Ed Gooding says:

    Experience: Neutral

    Got the following response to an email left on Cigar One’s site about only allowing bank transfer payment options:

    “Unfortunately credit card companies are making it harder and harder for us to accept payments from US clients for Cuban cigar purchases.

    We are actively looking for new payment solutions but it’s hard to tell how long this will take.

    For the time being, the ONLY payment method available is bank transfer.

    Thanks in advance for your kind understanding Edward, I remain at your disposal if ever I may be of any further assistance.
    Kind regards from Switzerland.

    Yours sincerely,


  149. Experience:

    I’ve worked with Marc for a little over a year and what he does exceedingly well is treat each order with genuine care and sincere interest. He is responsive to all correspondence (I always keep in mind that he’s in a different time zone) and has never once not done everything in his control to make the experience superb.

    He has done an absolutely excellent job of selecting, shipping and standing behind the cigars he’s sold. Marc, as always, thank you for your obvious commitment to your customers satisfaction with your product.

  150. Experience:

    I have ordered and received many orders from Marc at Cigar One. Every order has been exact and delivered as fast as I could expect. I was drawn to this site because I could order individual vintage cigars. They are individually wrapped and placed in a brand new padded wooden box. Super nice delivery method. The cigars are delicious and perfectly kept. Marc and Cigar One are trustworthy.

  151. Experience:

    I am a longtime Cuban Cigar smoker who has previously operated Cigar Shops in Palm Beach, Florida. I used to deal with Tabac Rhein of Geneva for more than 20 years.
    I have been dealing with Marc and Cigar One for several years now and have always found them to be “Consumer Friendly”.
    I know the new payment system of Wire Transfers isn’t as easy as Amex but it only takes 10 minutes at my local bank to get it taken care of.
    The Cuban Cigars from Cigar One are almost always of excellent quality no different than you would find in Barcelona or Vancouver.
    In my humble opinion it is just a pleasure to deal with a Service Oriented company like Cigar One than some of the other impostures out there whose prices are so low you just have to remember that if it sounds to good to be true it almost always isn’t.
    As Zino Davidoff once told me “Smoke Less, Smoke Better”.

  152. Experience:

    I placed an order with cigarone using bank transfer. I made a mistake and sent too much money. Marc caught the mistake and added a couple of sticks to make up the difference. My cigars arrived on time, very well packaged, and definitely authentic. Thanks Marc!!! I will be placing another order soon.

  153. Experience:

    Fantastic services and amazing shipping time. They ship anywheres! Just received my partagas gran reserva.

  154. boring smoke says:

    Experience: Neutral

    partagas sdn4 10n box, monte no2 10n box.
    but…. no barcode and opened box.
    they cut the barcode.
    cigar construction is good. but flavor is disappointing….
    happy new year!

  155. Experience: Neutral

    the habanos cigar website does workl every box i have put in works great

  156. Experience:

    I ordered Cohiba Piramides extra from when they arrived the seal and serial number were all scratch off. There’s no way to check for authenticity. I contacted mark from cigarone and he gave me some bs excuse and the reason they scratch off the serial numbers is to prevent cigars to be traceable. Also dr joe from YouTube a cigar reviewer is in this shady business since he refers this company and several others and knowing they do shady business.

  157. Experience:

    Terrible customer service. They stopped answering emails inquiring about my order that never arrived. My last order was questionable, but decided to give them another chance. Maybe next time Ill give Mark $350, let him kick me in the balls and call it even cus thats exactly how I feel right now.

  158. Experience:

    Never had a problem I thought my order was lost I contacted mark he was more than happy to help out my unbeknown to me my order was in customs here in Australia arrived later that week mArc is honest to his word and always responded to my emails AAA

  159. james healey says:

    Experience: Neutral

    Ordered x1 box HDM epicure 2, waited the full 14 days to expect to deliver to UK, then contact marc, who then assured me they had been delayed and I would receive later that week or early next, waited the full time again no shows on the No2’s, recontacted marc, informed me they probably now gone missing and will ship a 2nd lot today and confirm with email, which he promptly did, so then expected another 14 days wait!
    not true arrived today 21/02/15 (2 days to UK) safe and sound well packed, although box code removed got the micro number off and checked with Habanos = the real deal, they look and smell great look forward to trying another week wait !
    All in all I feel a good surlier with original products, but a few snags with delivery methods.

  160. Experience:

    Ordered a box of LGC Inmensos from CigarOne during their Habanos Festival sale. Package arrived in 6 days! The cigars were vacuum sealed, bubble wrapped and boxed. E-mails with Marc were answered quickly. Whole experience was great!

    Update (Jul 17 2015) I just received my second order from CigarOne. Cigars were packed and sealed great. E-mails to Marc were answered within 24 hrs. I have had no issues. Not sure why others are having trouble.

  161. Experience:

    Ordered a couple of boxes on Friday Feb 27th, received a mail to say that the products had been despatched on Monday March 3rd and hey presto they arrived this morning.
    They must be using The Starship Enterprise for deliveries.
    I have to say, I’ve never had any problems with Cigar One even when a package never arrived a replacement was sent without question.

  162. Experience:

    Very good selection of genuine Cubans. Reputable e-marchant. No delivery issues. Good prices. I do a lot of business with them.

  163. Experience:

    I’ve smoked may cubans cigars in many countries and the products I get from CigarOne are as good as I have had the pleasure of smoking anywhere. I have ordered many cuban cigars from many online merchants and have resolved to only do business with one merchant, CigarOne. The customer service, price and quality has earned them a loyal customer in me.

  164. Experience:

    Ordered some H.Upmann no.2 from Marc. arrived to the UK in 4 days and was in perfcet condition. well maintained as humidity levels were good, not too moist or dry, just right.
    Spoke to marc, really nice guy, friendly and gave good advice.

  165. Experience:

    Ordered two boxes of Monte EL 2010 on my first order and a box of RyJ Anejadro Piramedes and a box of Monte Anejadro Churchhills on my second order.

    Both orders came promptly, perfectly packaged and in great condition. I live in Singapore and frequent Hong Kong, Geneva, London and Dubai for business. As you may know, these places vary in prices and taxes on cigars. I find Cigarone’s prices to be reasonable (not the cheapest of course, but not entirely outrageous either).

    I certainly intend to order from them again. I really like the fact that they carry some very exclusive and rare items.

  166. Experience:

    Marc from C1 is amazing, I feel like I’m walking into a shop to purchase, with the professional way he conducts his business via email. Cigars are always top quality, whenever there is a great discount I would stock up on my Cubans. Be sure to patiently age cigars and not to blame C1 if the Cubans themselves are recent production. Not the lowest price but not the highest, certainly authentic and well worth every penny for their service and quality.

  167. Experience:

    Have ordered from a couple of times now. Their service is spotless, the delivery is prompt (Switzerland-Netherlands: 1 day, can’t complain with that speed) and the cigars are carefully wrapped and sealed. Looking forwards to a weekend of trying out some new cigars. Excellent place to shop.

  168. Wayne Walton says:


    I have placed around 5 orders with Marc from & each time the company have surpassed my expectations. From an excellent delivery time through to the exceptional after sales service.
    I will certainly be using them for many years to come!

  169. Experience:

    My first order with cigarone due to their hiatus for US shipping, and I have to say I was not disappointed. Their father’s day sale was fantastic, service was fast, communication was great, and the cigars arrived and are smoking outstanding. I am waiting on one more order from the father’s day sale and have to say I am not disappointed with the quality and service.

    Update (Jul 10 2015) Recently received my second order; came in approximately 7 days and was packaged perfectly once again. I Let the cigars rest for a week and they are smoking wonderfully! The prices are a bit higher than my other go-to site, but you can’t beat when they run a sale (like the father’s day sale).

  170. Rodd Heiden says:


    I wanted to reach out and say with Cigar One I’m very impressed!! Their timely matter of delivery was EXTREMLEY fast!! I’ve not ordered Cuban Cigars in sometime, but now when I need authentic Cuban cigars, Cigar One is on top of my list!

  171. Experience: Neutral

    The website of Cigar One is probably one of the best cigar cites that I visited so far. But I cannot comment on quality of cigars from Cigar One as despite my numerous attempts to place an order with Cigar One I have never succeeded. My credit card has not been accepted for payment and I was offered to pay with bank transfer – but I received no bank details and my order was discarded. If I am lucky enough to buy cigars from Cigar One, I will share my experience.

  172. Bloodbuzz459 says:

    Experience: Neutral

    Used CigarOne for the first time recently. Ordered 10 Monte 2’s and 3 Edmundo’s, a small order but having never ordered from Switzerland to the UK before thought I’d risk a small amount.

    Service was great and delivery within 7 working day but unfortunately I was hit with a 98.93GBP customs charge. Meaning my cigars were essentially the same cost as if purchased in the UK but obviously a longer delivery time and they’ll need a while in the humidor to recover.

    I knew this risks, maybe I was unlucky but doubt I’d risk it again.

  173. Experience: Neutral

    I get no reply back from this guy. No response what so ever. Can’t comment on their cigars because you would have to get in touch first. Again this is a comment on the consumer service which is 0% communication but try your luck.

  174. Experience:

    Placed my first order with CigarOne. From beginning through to receiving my product I want to commend Marc whom I spoke with on the phone with fantastic customer service.

    Answered all my questions before ordering, speedy postage (as in it was despatched same day as it was placed), great product, and offered to rectify a small issue I had when I place my next order. Can’t ask for more than that.

    Would happily deal with Marc at CigarOne again.

  175. Experience:

    Tried placing my order for 2 boxes of Cuban cigars at Cigar One. I requested specifically that boxes should be sealed but received the e-mail stating that all boxes are checked prior to the shipping and therefore the boxes would not be sealed. Personally, I am not comfortable receiving unsealed boxes of Cuban cigars and I always buy from merchants who pursue the ‘unsealed boxes’ policy. In short, I decided to cancel my order with Cigar One. To be fair, the cancellation of the order and refund have been done immediately. I do not think that I will return to Cigar One if they do not change their policy of opening cigar boxes prior to the shipping.

  176. Experience:

    Absolutely first class cigar merchant.

    It is always a pleasure to browse their website (the best in the business), and they are extremely thorough, professional and courteous in their communication. Packaging and shipping is first rate and they have options there that some other merchants do not. Their stock, including vintage selections, is of the very highest quality.

    Buy with absolute and total confidence here.

  177. hakan Ozdemir says:

    Experience: Neutral

    Hey El
    if you have given them a bad review and will not use them purely because of the cut seal then you are a bad person. I get the feeling you are new to purchasing cuban cigars online.

    I live in the United Kingdom and the distributor here is Hunters and Frankau, they have a policy of checking the boxes prior to sending them so every single box you buy has a cut seal. If I was to get one that is sealed them I would be a little concerned.almost all reputable merchants send the cigars with cut seal and some that buy from the grey market, for example cigarone also remove the 12 digit code from the seal. again this is nothing to worry about as you can still find the code with a good magnified glass and check on habanos website to ensure the cigars match.

    to be honest if the merchant really wants to sell you fakes they can and you will not know unless you have yearrrrrs of smoking experience. even them you may not know.

    Cigarone are good and I have no doubt they are genuine. they can improve a little with their communication but thats probably a language barrier thing

  178. Andre Botes says:


    Just a quick thank you for delivering my cigar order so quickly and more importantly, the cigars are in very good condition. I will be sure to order again from you and also recommend the service to all my friends that smoke.

  179. Experience:

    I have purchased over a thousand US dollars worth of cigars over four separate shipment with Marc and his team. The cigars are authentic, arrives in great condition and Marc is always quick to respond to questions and requests. I have ordered limited editions, vintages and singles (built your own vintage mixed box). I particularly like the monthly auctions that they run on the website for returning customers.

    I will recommend this firm to my friends and order from them again.

  180. Don Diego de la Vega says:


    Ordered two vintage boxes. Received no info when or even if they had shipped. A week after ordering they show up and everything is great. Shipping was very discrete. Seals were broken on the fifteen year old boxes. Cigars look and smell old but have yet to smoke any. Would recommend cigarone to a friend.

  181. Experience:

    I’ve been smoking Cubans for many years and have become a bit of an expert in the subject. Spotting a fake is not that hard and by the same token real Cubans are just as easy to recognize.
    I have bought Cubans from cigarone and they are the real thing 100% and on top of that, cigarone’s customer service and order fulfillment are top notch.
    Having said that, I feel many of the negative comments seen here are nothing more than a direct result of lack of knowledge about cigars in general. I think is pretty irresponsible to post negative comments that may impact a companies good name without proper knowledge of what you’re commenting on.
    Cigarone has earned my business and anyone looking for real Cuban cigars can rest assured they’ll be getting the real thing from Cigarone.

  182. Jonathan Goldsmith says:


    I just ordered some cigars from CigarOne. It took a couple days to get the payment link, but I believe that was due to the weekend. My card was charged the appropriate amount, and there were no problems using Visa. I received communication from Marc, and so far, so good. Will update when the order arrives.

    Update (Oct 25 2015) Update on my order from Cigarone… placed the order just over a week ago and just arrived today. Had some MC #2 petite and RyJ #2 tubos. The MC looked good, the box was not sealed, but the cigars were in good shape, and all signs point to authentic, box, seals, holo, papers, color, scent, etc. The RyJ, while the code was torn off, the box seal was still intact, just the surface of the sticker was ripped off. All sticks were sealed in their tubos as expected. Unless I fire one of these up and it is a swamp log, I would say these are entirely legit. I will certainly post updates if that is the case.

  183. Experience:

    I have placed an order for mixed sampler boxes that includes almost all Cuban brands – I have been smoking cigars for a little more than 2 years and still looking for a perfect taste of my choice. The cigars arrived fast, well packed and in perfect condition. They taste good and pretty much as described in CI’ Cigars’ Review; therefore, I believe that I received genuine Cuban cigars from Cigar One. One little disappointment though – Cigar One promised adding three Cohiba Robusto cigars for free but I received only one; however, this didn’t marred my whole positive experience with Cigar One.

  184. Experience:

    WELL, placed my order of casadores a couple days ago and just arrived today. Once again a great! experience! from Marc & his Crew..

    Thank you Marc

  185. Experience: Neutral

    Lol. How is dr joe in on this?.. Cigarone actually has quality sticks. The reason they scratch off the serial num is for a couple reasons. Mainly so people don’t know who they’re distributor is. Stop being a dolt. If you don’t want the cigars I’ll take them

  186. Experience:

    Excellent online vender. Received my order in 8 days. Perfect condition and packaging. Will use this site many many more times. Can’t go wrong here. These guys are for real!!!!!

  187. Experience:

    Marc and his team made sure the packaged arrived safely, and securely. The products are authentic Cubans 100% real. The packaged arrived 7 days from the time I ordered and is very discreet and very private on packaging. This will be my favorite site for ordering authentic Cuban cigars from now on

  188. Experience: Neutral

    Received as expected. But authenticity is suspect. Label was cut and bottom part with numbers was torn off. bottom of box says it was packed in 2013, I received it in 2016. Box looks to be genuine, less sure of contents.

  189. Experience:

    Jim, is not my place to educate people about cuban cigars, but this is one of my pet peeves and I don’t think the people at cigarone deserve your review.
    I’m pretty sure you’re a novice cuban cigar smoker since experienced cuban cigar smokers know that many Cuban cigar distributors around the world take off the barcode and numbers to protect their distributorship. Those numbers identity the distributor they were sold to.
    Cuban cigar distributors are only supposed to sell Cuban cigars within their assigned territories which are protected. Distributors have no control over where cigars are sold or sent once they pass them on to the retailers who sell them to you and me.
    When I see a review like yours that casts a shadow over a reputable vendor (I have bought several boxes from cigarone, all legit, none had the bar code) I see it as a very irresponsible act that may affect the reputation of a good vendor.
    Lastly, if you’re experienced enough it is also quite easy to spot a fake Cuban simply by smoking it, just make sure you let the cigars rest for a couple of weeks in a good humidor after you receive them before you try them.

  190. Experience:

    Clearly you are merely a shill for the vendor and do not do your readers a service. Shooting the messenger is a favorite tactic of the benefactors of the entrenched.
    You rationalize the removal of the code by saying that your distributors are cheaters? And don’t want to be caught?
    I am along tome cigar smoker and buyer by the box. I have never before purchased a box with the code removed.
    BTW, you did not address the three year spread between the stamped box date and the delivery. Am I to believe that the distributor “Ages in the Box” for three years? Spare me

  191. Experience:

    Jim, I did not mean to insult you. Your comment does reflect a bit of inexperience and I tried to give you some of my wisdom, but perhaps it came across the wrong way. Please watch Dr. Joe and his fake or fine series on YouTube. Tons of good knowledge on how to spot fakes and he also talks about a lot of vendors good and bad including cigarone. The guy knows he’s stuff and anyone who has doubts about a cuban cigar vendor will benefit from his advice.
    By the way I’m no shill, I thoght that was funny by the way, I’ve seen many unfair reviews of good vendors I’ve done business with and 99% of the time is people who are misinformed, inexperienced or both.

  192. Experience:

    Juan, thank you for educating this other individual on how the libeling the legitimate vendors due to inexperience and lack of research before making commentary is a disservice to other aspiring cigar hobbyists. Regarding the cigars: just received my latest from Marc and the cigarone team. Beautiful half-wheel of RASS with a year of age; can’t wait to fire them up! As always the cigars look and smell wonderful!

  193. Experience:

    Let me start out by saying, I ordered a box of Cohiba’s from Mark in January of 2025. I waited 14 business days and didn’t receive my order. I emailed Mark and he said a replacement shipment was going out that day. I waited 15 working days and still no cigar. I emailed Mark again and he assured me that I would receive my third order in 3 days. I checked with FedEx this morning and see they are delivering my cigars today. I have to say this about Mark and cigarone, they have bent over backwards to get the order right. I’ll update when I the cigars are in my hands. Mark is a great guy and response almost immediately.

  194. Experience:

    Update. Mark from cigarone said I would receive my cigars by 02-24-2016 and he’s a man of his word. Cubans are real but, they need a couple weeks in the humidor. my above post was inaccurate, since I was writing from my smartphone. 2016 is the correct date. Would I but from cigarone again? yes, Mark was very professional and did everything he could to get this order right.

  195. Experience:

    Ok guys! I have placed two orders! By all means—-the cigars from cigarone are genuine! When you receive the cigars Let them rest for a week in your proper humidor.
    Customer Service is more than just great it’s outstanding! Marc takes time to help answer all questions. Dr Joe. on you tube has excellent reviews too!
    Enjoy your puff

  196. Experience:

    Again another outstanding order received in one week all the to TEXAS! These are not fake they are correct from Cuba! Marc if you read this you are top notch!

  197. Experience:

    I have purchased over 3500 pounds worth of cigars by the box’s from cigarone. I can say that they have all been excellent and 100% GENUINE. how do i know… well its easy for anyone to use some face name on this site to damage the reputation of a vendor by making negative comments. I know they are real because I have been smoking cigars for years and know what to look for on a box, even if the warantee label has been cut off. Think about it, a reputable dealer who has built a reputation over many years does not just decide to sell fakes. its not worth it because this will destroy the business in a short time.

  198. Experience:

    Been ordering from Cigarone for months now, tried other websites but not as good. Customer service from Marc is first class. Delivery sometimes takes a wee while but hey I am in Melbourne so that can be forgiven
    Overall – highly recommended

  199. Experience:

    I have bought from CigarOne about ten times over the past seven years. I usually get a mix of vintage cigars. My entire experience has been simply great. Tasty authentic cigars.

  200. Experience:

    I ordered a box of Romeo’s from Marc, was very satisfied with the cigars, delivery was really quick, in a sealed box with bands on. Very happy , great communication received.And ive just ordered my 2nd Box without hesitation.

  201. Experience:

    I had a friend recommend Cigarone a few weeks back, they had boxes of Sir Winnies in stock. What I didn’t expect was their lightning fast shipping and excellent customer service. Also the cigars were excellent quality. I strongly recommend them.

  202. Experience:

    Ordered 31 cigars from this site after reading the reviews. They took a little over a week to arrived and we’re shipped in airtight bags. I recommended them to 2 friends just last night who were looking for genuine Cubans. Thanks Marc.

  203. Experience: Neutral

    Prompt delivery. Ordered their selected sampler packs and limited edition 2010 montecristo’s from them. Only issue was they sent me the wrong montecristo’s. I caught the mistake and brought it to their attention
    They said they would send the limited edition ones w my next purchase.

  204. Experience:

    I have ordered at least 10 boxes of cigars from CigarOne at this point, and I can definitively say that Marc and his staff’s customer service is of the highest quality. Communication was excellent, and shipping was punctual. All boxes have arrived well packaged and in excellent condition. I will remain a loyal customer, and will continue to buy from CigarOne in the future.

  205. Experience:

    I have ordered numerous boxes at this point from Marc and his crew at Cigarone, and I can definitively say that his customer service is to the highest standards. Communication and shipping has been excellent and prompt. Every box has been well packaged, and every product has been authenticated. I will continue to be a loyal customer.

  206. Experience:

    I believe cigarone is considered the gold standard (relative to authenticity), and one is not to worry about authenticity. Dr. Joe Show mentions then as well. I use their cigars to gauge to authenticity. The only reason i use other vendors is Price and Availability of a Vitola i want. They are significantly more expensive than other vendors, but as they say “you get what you pay for”

    I will add that boxes are shipped vacuum sealed, no Boveda, minimal protection (finest cubans cigars does a far better job in this area). Marc is responsive by email, but does not answer phone even during swiss biz hours.). Also shipping is not free, even though site says free shipping. I did not bother to complain because cigars arrived without issue. <5days to us and s. america (who notoriously suck with importing goods)

  207. Experience:

    I have ordered many boxxes from CigarOne. They have a very good slection, especially the hard-to-find ones. Deliveries have generally been quick and condition excellent. I’m happy with their service and will definitely order more from them.

  208. Experience:

    Marc is great. These guys do a great job and communicate well. Will be a customer for a long time.

  209. Experience:

    I have bought (online) from this very trustworthy business twice now. I have no doubts of the authenticity and stringent higher quality of these Cuban cigars. I would without a doubt buy from them again. Receiving shipment(s) is NO problem.

  210. Experience:

    Outstanding! Placed many orders, Marc makes sure your order is premo service!

  211. Experience:

    I recently purchased some CCs from Marc @CigarOne. Overall great transaction; zero stress and the package arrived within the timeframe Marc told me it would. I’ll be shopping here again.

  212. Experience:

    Just took advantage of a flash sale Cigarone had a couple weekends ago and once again I am not disappointed. Just received some gorgeous Cohiba Robustos and couldn’t wait the mandatory week to let them rest and fire them up- wow! Packaging was flawless and I can’t wait to order again from Marc and his fantastic team! I would also add that Cigarone is the only reputable vendor of late that doesn’t seem to be gouging their customers in light of the recent sharp price increases seen on the sites of other legitimate vendors. Thank you Cigarone!

  213. Experience:

    Placed an order for the first time, taking advantage of their sale. Package came well protected, discrete, and within the time frame that Marc gave me. They came just in time for Christmas. I will def. be ordering from Marc and again.

  214. Experience:

    Update to a post from years ago.

    I still occasionally, buy cigars from Cigar One and find the service remains good. Quality of cigars suggest they’re the “real deal” and let’s face it, that’s what everyone is concerned with. While the cigars are good, I’m not fully convinced they’re the top shelf Cubans. My bet is they’re very good seconds from a good source. The reason for this is there is ABSOLUTELY no reason for them to open a sealed Habanos box!

    Cigar One can continue to claim they’re doing this as a “quality control” measure but if this is true, they should give customers the option to receive a sealed box or have Cigar One “inspect the box.

    Until Cigar One offers this choice, I’ll remain and advise others to be skeptical. I live across a bridge to Canada and while Cigar One’s prices are better because of Canada’s tax code, I felt the Cuban there were higher quality. Also, for those interested, the price at the Duty Free stre was much higher than Cigar One but again, ALL of there boxes are sealed.

    Cigar One needs to offer customers the option of receiving a Habanos sealed box! I’ll take my chances with Habanos quality control!!!

  215. Experience:

    i ordered a box of 25 Cuaba Exclusivos, a box of 10 Partagas De Luxe Tubos, and a box of 10 Montecristo #2. i received an email from them confirming my order and received the package with in 12 days. i had a question for Marc and was responded to right away, very helpful and patient. Cigars showed up in vacuumed sealed bags and were in perfect condition. only thing i didnt like was the montecristo #2 were extremely boxed pressed(its bound to happen after being sealed the way they were), after a few weeks of sitting in the humidor they some what rounded out their shapes. i will definitely be using them again.

  216. Daniel Manzanares says:


    I ordered a box of montecristo no 2s from cigarone. The box I received was open, which is their policy, but I cant stand it. They claim its for quality control but the cigars I recieved were the worst quality montes I have ever had. After smoking one I am sure they are real, but they are the ugliest veiniest montes I have ever had. They also had white mold in spots on a few cigars. When I emailed marc about the poor quality and moldy cigars (and sent pictures) instead of trying to make things right he insisted that it was plume and not mold. He even told me to put them in my humidor they are fine, and to just wipe off the “bloom”(MOLD). Not only did they open my box, thumb through all of my cigars, send my obvious poor quality moldy cristos anyways, but marc had the audacity to tell me it wasn’t mold. I made multiple attempts to allow him to fix the problem but instead he decided to start ignoring my email. This was the worst customer service I have ever recieved, and I would highly suggest ordering your cigars elsewhere. There are lots of better sites with cheaper prices. I chose cigarone knowing they opened the boxes because I thought they had good quality control. I was wrong…

  217. Experience:

    Recently placed my first order with them and experience was nothing short of fantastic. Cigars arrived in a vacuum sealed bag and were pristine. They are generally a little more expensive than others but shipping was quick and follow up to make sure I received my order was great.

  218. Gary Gorman says:

    Experience: Neutral

    I’m a new customer, and I wanted to say what a good experience I had, with my first purchase. I ordered Monticristoe #2
    and was impressed with how quickly I received my order, I smoked my first cigar and had 45 minutes of pleasure! I look forward to my next purchase and look forward to a long relationship with Cigar One!!!!Keep up the good service…..

  219. Experience: Neutral

    Anyone thinking these are top shelf cubans is mistaken. They’re good seconds at best. That’s the reason you CANT buy a sealed box from Cigar One. Their claim they’re doing this for “quality control” is laughable. Habanos SA does and the maker do a fine job of quality control. While an occasional poorly rolled cigar slips in every manufacturers boxes now and then, they don’t make many mistakes. If Cigar One is offering top shelf cubans, then they should offer customers the choice of receiving a sealed box. I’m a short drive from Canada. There IS a difference with Casa de La Habana sticks and the Cigar One sticks. The sealed box quality is higher. Anyone thinking differently is kidding themselves.

  220. Experience:

    I placed my first order with CigarOne in January of 2016; a smallish order of Monte No. 5’s and Trinidad Reyes. Not only were the cigars of excellent quality, but the shipping was very quick and the packaging was top notch! Since then I have placed 5 more orders and have never been disappointed. Of note, my recent order of H. Upmann Connie A’s look amazing and my Trinidad Fundadores are also exemplary. Can’t wait to receive my Partagas Lusitanias!!! Questions are always answered promptly, and customer service has been spot on! Marc has always responded with the utmost curtesy! I have ordered from other online retailers, but all aspects of the CigarOne experience (most notably the quality of the cigars) has made them my go-to site for all things Cuban! Good Job!

  221. Ronald Ferrara says:

    Experience: Neutral

    I’m new to the site. I’ve ordered 10 cigars (2 sets of 5 ). I’ve asked the site how long it takes for them to ship about 3 times since I ordered, because my order is showing that it’s been paid, but it’s still showing as being processed. Its been 3 or 4 days since I ordered, and I haven’t received a reply to the emails I sent asking how long it takes for them to put them in the mail. Can anyone here answer that question for me? I’m in the USA

  222. Experience:

    Placed an order for 5-pack of assorted cubans and received shipment in 7 business days. Cigars are in prime condition thanks to excellent packaging and communication with customer service was professional. Price was reasonable considering how difficult it is to get cubans in U.S. and I’ll gladly pay a small premium for reliability and service. Very satisfied with my experience and I will be making additional purchases.

  223. Experience: Neutral

    I’m new to Cuban smokes. Wouldn’t know a real from a fake to be honest. I think I had my 1st Cubans last summer while vacationing in the Dominican Republic. Like I said, I WOULDN’T KNOW!!! Anyways, I placed my 1st order with Cigar One last Friday. They haven’t arrived yet, according to the tracking system, they left Switzerland 2 or 3 days ago, but have yet to be scanned since making it stateside. I’m waiting like a little kid in front of the Christmas tree all December long

  224. Experience: Neutral

    To Mr. Manzanares…why would you order from CigarOne if, as you say, you “can’t stand” their open box policy? If there are “lots of better sites with cheaper prices” why aren’t you ordering from them? According to many knowledgeable people, the quality and consistency of the (extremely popular) Monte No. 2’s have been somewhat suspect lately. So, it may not be best to rush to judgement on the basis of just one order of one box. I can’t speak to the mold issue with your cigars. All I can say is that I have not received any cigars with mold on them in any of the boxes I have ordered. Sorry to hear that you experience was not a good one.

  225. Experience: Neutral

    I have ordered several boxes. Monte #2 twice, Vegas Robaina Famosas, Partagas Serie D #4 and Lusitanias, Bolivar Coronas twice, H. Upmann Magnum 50, Cohiba Esplenditos, R & J Churchills, and Hoya Epicures. Some were amazing, some were not. This has nothing to do with the store and everything to do with the cigars. I have also purchased top of the line Padron 1926 Nicaraguans etc…. from local retailers that have been both excellent and poor. Blame the manufacturers not the store. I have noted distinct differences between multiple Cuban boxes of the same type, from the same factory with the same manufacture date. They are cigars made from endless bails of tobacco by many hands. Just because they are Cuban and somewhat expensive does not mean they are perfect. I accept that. These guys that claim “they know Cuban cigars” are kidding themselves if they expect all of them to taste and smoke the same every time. They won’t. I remember a time not so long ago that Cigar Aficionado stated that Cuban cigar quality was basically crap. At this time, I find that the Cuban flavor quality is mostly very good but still get the occasional plugged or wild burning cigar. I expect that from hand rolled cigars from anywhere. I have run the original box codes found under the stickers that Cigarone overlays with their own (sometimes they cut them) and 100% check out with exactly what was in the box. Don’t like them…don’t buy them. BTW…the Vegas Robaina Famosas OPS ENE 16 are really good right now.

  226. Kurt Barlet says:


    I just placed my first order for Monte #2’s circa 2010. Marc e mailed me and said they shipped yesterday, will update accordingly.

  227. Experience:

    I just ordered my first batch yesterday and have been reading all these posts to kill a little time. I must say there are a lot of little inpatient cry baby whiners chiming in^. I wont name names – you know who you are^! I can see why Chris doesn’t even seem to want to bother consoling you children anymore! Mold is plume – it is a sign of a aged cigar with a bit much moisture usually found in tubos. It’s not a bad thing, and don’t get too worried about it – but an open box helps out with customs. Let your sticks sit in the humi for a week and you’ll see a difference. Monte #4, Siglo II’s, and Hoyos. Thanks Marc for fixing that payment issue;)! Peace out CigarOne+

  228. Experience:

    Just received my order from Marc. Everything looks good from the box of Monte #4, Epicure 2’s, to the Siglo II’s. A little time aging in my humi should bring ’em all up to their very best – Thanks Marc!+ I’ll be talking to you again soon!:)

  229. Experience: Neutral

    I’ve ordered from here about 6 times and they were all quick deliveries and great cigars. Marc responded promptly when I had any questions. I just received 2 boxes today. Ordering another 2 for the Father’s Day sale.


  230. Experience:

    Like similar post I received order of box of cigars that was opened. When I emailed site I quickly received a reply that was likely sent to many others on how they check for quality of ea cigar prior to shipping. I find this practice curious and make me seriously question the authenticity. I have ordered many boxes of
    Cigars from domestic online cigar companies and never had the seller open prior to shipping.

  231. gary zabunian says:


    I have recently gotten back into cigars and have ordered several boxes from Cigarone because of their Father’s Day sale. With the exception of the two Monte Media Corona boxes I received a couple of weeks back all boxes I have received so far have arrived sealed. In terms of pricing, the Partagas Series D6 I got today were $60 less than other retailers I shopped. The Partagas along with the Vegueros Mananitas that I received today were both sealed and shipped vacuum sealed. I have closely inspected each box I received and all of the cigars in each box have been uniform in color with no noticeable defects. If there is one negative, you will typically receive fresher cigars from Cigar One compared to other retailers.

  232. gary zabunian says:


    I have recently gotten back into cigars and have ordered several boxes from Cigarone because of their Father’s Day sale. With the exception of the two Monte Media Corona boxes I received a couple of weeks back all boxes I have received so far have arrived sealed. In terms of pricing, the Partagas Series D6 I got today were $60 less than other retailers I shopped. The Partagas along with the Vegueros Mananitas that I received today were both sealed and shipped vacuum sealed. I have closely inspected each box I received and all of the cigars in each box have been uniform in color with no noticeable defects. If there is one negative, you will typically receive fresher cigars from Cigar One compared to other retailers.

  233. Experience:

    Not sure why you guys are posting neutral experiences and then writing glowing reviews. These guys deliver exactly what and when they say they will. Don’t know what else matters.

  234. Luis Cadena says:


    I ordered a box of Ramon Allones Specially Selected and I got them in less than two weeks. Everything seemed great until I inspected the box and got the micro code from the sticker. I checked it on the Habanos website, and the code matches, but not for the Ramon Allones. According to the website, that code is for a box of Partagas. This is the first time that I order from CogarOne and I’ve never heard this situation happened to anybody. I emailed Marc 3 days ago and I haven’t gotten a response. Has this ever happened to anybody?

  235. Experience:

    Ordered twice, both boxes were below average quality and price was much higher than should be. I ordered based on customer service reputation. What I learned was don’t dare question their fees. I have copies of emails from this “Marc” famous for his over the top politeness. All I want is great quality cigars, paying a premium price should ensure great quality and include shipping costs, rather than disguising them with a fee for insurance. None of the other reputable suppliers charge these fees, or shipping. When I questioned the fee and requested it be waived I was treated like a creten of sorts. The politeness turned to sarcastic insults.
    Bottom line though, the quality of the habanos was/is not worth the high cost plus fees. For months now I have been receiving from a quality supplier this highest quality cigars at great prices and guaranteed arrival cost included!

  236. Experience:

    Recently ordered with them. Bought a box of 10 of montecristo #2 as I bought a few in Havana less than a mo th ago and really like them. Here is my email to them-


    I received my order. The cigars were shrink wrapped and seem to be in good condition. I was/am concerned no bovida pack was included and what conditions they were subject to during the 6 day delivery process.

    Also, the Habanos certificate links on the website to montecrsito #4 not the #2s I ordered. And these cigars seem a bit larger in ring gauge than the #2s I bought in Havana just 3 weeks ago. Wider enough to have been somewhat squared off in the original box it was shipped in. The head of the cigar where the #2 is tapered is not the same either. The embossed montecrsito insignia on the bands seems different.

    Any insight? ”

    I’ll await his reply… right now, I’m saying these are not montecrsito #2s.

  237. Experience: Neutral

    Quality may be an issue but should the bands still be the same? My montes #2s I bought in Havana and the ones I got from cigar one are not the same.

  238. Experience:

    I posted a few hours ago but do not see it. Now that I’ve further inspected and smoked one I can say… counterfeit. Won’t hold ash like any other of my Cubans. Ash is too soft. Too bad. We’ll see what their reply will be. Here’s the email I sent. In addition, my real montes #2 have a 4 digit number at the end of the band when taken off. Also the white lettering is too bold and a brighter white on these cigar one “montes”.


    I received my order. The cigars were shrink wrapped and seem to be in good condition. I was/am concerned no bovida pack was included and what conditions they were subject to during the 6 day delivery process.

    Also, the Habanos certificate links on the website to montecrsito #4 not the #2s I ordered. And these cigars seem a bit larger in ring gauge than the #2s I bought in Havana just 3 weeks ago. Wider enough to have been somewhat squared off in the original box it was shipped in. The head of the cigar where the #2 is tapered is not the same either. The embossed montecrsito insignia on the bands seems different.

    Any insight? “

  239. Experience:

    I’ve ordered from them for a long time. Each order arrived in strong, protective packaging and was discreetly labeled.

    The cigars were everything an aficionado could hope for. I love Partagas, Bolivar, Quai D’Orsay, Ramon Allones, and other standard brands,. and will never smoke anything else from anywhere else. .

    Order from Marc with confidence!

  240. Experience: Neutral

    Update to my previous post –

    The box was indeed MC #2, I must have made an error typing it in but after using a bar code scanner, they came back as correct.

    Also, Marc replied to my emails the next business day each time and we talked through my concerns. I’m still on the fence with the cigars I rcvd but shipping was lightning fast, even for me in the USA (7 days each time). I’ll let them rest in the humidor for a few weeks and then make my decision. Next order I’m requesting a sealed box and if that happens, my concerns will be gone.

  241. Experience:

    I had a very nice experience with Cigar One. It took only 5 days for my order to arrive in South Carolina. I ordered 6 different 3 packs of tubos. The boxes were open, which i expected, other than that, they were all in perfect condition. I will definitely order from him again.

  242. Experience: Neutral

    I have ordered 3 boxes of different Cubans from site. Cigars are good, customer service provided was excellent. I just don’t understand the practice of opening boxes to “inspect” cigars.
    Raises too much doubt in authenticity and I likely won’t order again unless they guarantee they won’t open boxes prior to shipping.

  243. Experience:

    Lovely people to deal with. Excellent communication. Very trustworthy and reliable. I had an issue with the purchase and refunded my money without any problem.

  244. Harry Beasant says:


    I will always use CigarOne for my all my cigar purchases.

    Without doubt the best priced product out there as well as the highest quality.

    One of my orders was unfortunately destroyed by a UK Border Force agent and without hesitation Marc from CigarOne sent a replacement box the next day.

    Its a please doing business with a company who show so much respect to their customers.

  245. Experience: Neutral

    I ordered two boxes of Cuba and the first one I opened was bogus. The seals looked suspicious and when I opened the box, the cedar divider had a straight cut (it should be a half moon cut) and further the cedar divider was much smaller than it should have been.

    I returned the cigars and the customer rep asked me how I knew they were fake (as he already knew) & I explained to him the above explanation.

    So I was out the shipping & handling to return them back overseas – about $65 for nothing.

  246. Smoke Slow says:


    Don B,

    your reasons why you think cigars are fake are dumb. Know your stuff. The inserts come that way. Did you smoke the cigar or cut it open. People make accusations over trivial stuff that actually have nothing to do with the cigars themselves. Cuba does not pride itself on quality or consistency, which is why the little details you hang you hat on to determine whether or not something is fake.

    Hey don’t you realize everything is done by hand, not machines. And do you call Arturo Fuentes when they slop glue all over the lower end cigars. Or when a tatuaje stamp is crooked. Or when drew estates forgets to put a ribbon on your bundle. Even the cigars from casa de habana in cuba have halfmoo notches and straight notches.

    Yes it is possible fakes got into the pipeline, but highly unlikely for this vendor. And if you notice, they are actually one of the higher priced vendors. If your really that paranoid then you should fly to cuba and buy from the source, it’s cheaper than wasting peoples time and providing snotty testimonials.

    If cigars where truely fake, why give them a neutral and not a negative. Get a life

  247. Experience:

    I ordered h upman petit coronas from cigarone and what a letdown it was. I smoked petit coronas before, purchased at international duty free and they became a favorite of mine. The ones I received from cigarone were pure garbage, harsh with no flavor at all and inconsistent draw. They may be a shop that mixes authentic and fake ones, considering they ship them un-boxed. Will try my luck somewhere else.

  248. Experience:

    I have been buying cigars from Cigarone for about three years (and spent circa. USD 3,000) and have been reasonably happy – and of course the infamous Marc courtesy is turned up to 11. That is however until you have a query or feedback that may not be to his liking. I recently received a box of Cubans and noticed they were VERY hard – like a rock. I put them in one of my humidors for a few weeks and recently took one out to smoke – it was impossible to get any draw whatsoever. I emailed Marc and asked for some feedback. One week later there is no response. I sent a reminder – no response. A previous email querying the type of delivery used also required a chase up. There is an attitude at play here that I am not so keen on.

    On a secondary point. I live in the UK and Marc suggests that 1 in 10 packages are intercepted by customs. My last three consignments have been intercepted and subject to tax. Of course the website alerts the potential buyer to this possibility however I do not believe the ‘1 in 10’ line for a moment. I have a friend who got clobbered recently too. So – potential buyers need to take account of the risk – the real risk.

    In summary I will not be buying from Cigarone again. Marc has made it clear that the platitudes are only there when the customer keeps his mouth shut and takes it or leaves it.

  249. Thomas C. Wells says:


    I placed my first order recently with Cigarone. Marc was very fast to let me know my box of Hoya De Monterey epicure 2 was on its way and gave me my tracking information. The box arrived promptly, it had been opened and checked as i was aware it would be it be. The cigars are beautiful and smell perfect. This cabinet box is 100%. I will buy from Marc and company again soon..

  250. Experience:

    I ordered the Montecristo No.4 as a first time shopper for this company. I am glad That I made a under $100 purchase. Because it turns out that I was sold Fake Cuban cigars from CigarOne. The seal on the box was altered and tampered with. Four of the 10 cigars had green mold like circles all of them. I was told by Marc that its common f ok…ir look like that. But I’ve order the same kinda cigars from other vendors that were Authentic and the did not come in such poor condition as CigarOne product did.. I DO NOT RECCOMEND THIS COMPANY AND I WILL MOT EVER ATTEMOT TO BUY FROM THEM AGAIN. Montecristo No.4 cigars 10 box dated 2016 but the wrappers on the cigars are wrappers that was Discontinued way back in 2004. So how is it that there on my sticks? Answer: Because they are Fakes.

  251. Doug R. says:



    I have been ordering from for the last few months. At first, I was only ordering 3-packs of tubos. In particular, I enjoyed the Romeo y Julieta Short Churchills, although I also bought 3-packs of various Montecristo and Cohiba cigars. All of these cigars were clearly authentic. I came to trust the site more so I decided to order a box of 10 Romeo y Julieta Short Churchills. Comparing these cigars to my existing Short Churchills, they were night and day. The new ones were clearly fake. I smoked one side-by-side with the authentic Short Churchill, and in fact the new one was barely smokable.

    I reached out to customer service and asked them to remedy the situation. We’ll see what they say, but I suspect I will be told that they are authentic and that I don’t know what I’m talking about. If so, I’ll be taking my business elsewhere.

    But the mixture of authentic and unauthentic cigars accounts for the mixed reviews here.

  252. Experience: Neutral

    I just ordered my first two boxes from Cigarone (a test shipment). I will post my thoughts upon arrival. I hope all the positive comments are correct.

  253. Doug R. says:


    I’ve ordered from CigarOne several times and all orders have yielded authentic Cuban Cigars. My last order, on the other hand, yielded fake Cuban Cigars with poor packaging and obscured bar codes. I opened a support ticket and it was promptly closed without response.

    Authentic cigars four out of five times just isn’t worth the risk. So I’ll be exploring other options in the future. Be careful.

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