Exploring the Legacy of Cuban Cigar Blending and the Birth of Casa 1910: An Interview with Manolo Santiago

In a captivating video interview recently uploaded to YouTube, we had the privilege of delving into the rich history and fascinating journey of Manolo Santiago, a prominent figure in the world of cigar blending. Our conversation revolved around his time spent mastering the art of blending Cuban cigars with Habanos, his involvement in crafting Cuban regional cigars for Mexico, and his transition to co-founding Casa 1910—a brand that seeks to honour Mexican traditions and heritage through their meticulously crafted cigars.

Manolo Santiago’s journey began as he immersed himself in the intricate craft of blending Cuban cigars with Habanos. With a deep appreciation for the traditions and techniques employed by Cuban cigar makers, he honed his skills and developed a keen understanding of the delicate balance required to create exquisite cigars.

During our interview, Manolo Santiago shared his remarkable journey from blending Cuban cigars to co-founding Casa 1910—a brand that embraces Mexican traditions and seeks to celebrate the country’s cultural heritage. Casa 1910 aims to revive the art of cigar-making in Mexico, paying homage to the nation’s rich tobacco history. Their inaugural creation, a Mexican puro, is a testament to their dedication to using exclusively Mexican tobacco, highlighting the unique flavours and characteristics that the region has to offer.

Casa 1910 stands as a testament to Manolo Santiago’s unwavering commitment to Mexican traditions. Through their craftsmanship, they strive to showcase the depth and complexity of Mexican tobacco, creating cigars that capture the essence of the country’s cultural heritage. With a deep reverence for the craft and a dedication to preserving the legacy of Mexican cigars, Casa 1910 has already garnered attention and accolades within the industry.

The video interview with Manolo Santiago provided a captivating glimpse into his journey as a master blender and his pivotal role in crafting Cuban regional cigars for Mexico. We explored the significance of Edmundo Dantes, a brand tailored to Mexican tastes, and delved into the founding of Casa 1910—an endeavour that seeks to celebrate Mexican traditions through their exceptional cigars. Manolo Santiago’s passion for the craft and commitment to preserving and honouring Mexican tobacco heritage is truly inspiring, and Casa 1910 stands as a testament to his vision and expertise. As cigar enthusiasts, we eagerly await the future creations from this remarkable brand.

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