Every Man Needs a Mancave

I am convinced that every man needs a place to withdraw and unwind. Either alone or with some friends just to talk about ‘men stuff’ and studies actually confirm that men need 2 ‘guys nights’ a week. Either in a bar, club, or at (someone’s) mancave.

I’ve been lucky. My old bachelor pad was one big mancave. I smoked cigars everywhere, in the living room, kitchen, even on the toilet. Since it was a one level apartment, both the bedroom and the guestroom smelled of stale cigar smoke as well but I couldn’t be bothered back then. When I moved out of the apartment, I got myself a proper house. A 3-storey home with a living room on the ground floor, a living room and kitchen on the second floor, bedrooms so the small, ground floor living became my home-office and mancave. A few comfortable sofas, a walk-in humidor, big TV, cigar swag and a few cigar logos painted on the walls. A proper mancave, but without it being a dark and gloomy place as many mancaves tend to be. I liked it, a lot. And so did my friends who came over regularly.

When it was time to move on, I made it clear to my wife that I needed a space of my own to work in, and to smoke in. So, the smallest room of our new apartment became my new mancave aka home office. Much smaller, with no space for a walk-in humidor and a whole different color scheme. Dark this time, with one brown wall and the other walls in cream. White is a terrible idea, but cream works for a mancave. This color scheme worked better with the beautiful rosewood desk and even though it was small, it was manly, cozy and oozed cigars and booze. But I lost that room too, kids grow and at a certain age they need their own room instead of sharing a room with siblings. So, I made the sacrifice, as good parents do, and gave up my room. Not that I worked there a lot anymore because so it wasn’t too much of a sacrifice anyway.

I now am lucky enough to work in an office where I can smoke. My business partner likes to work from home, so often I’m alone at the office, surrounded by cigar art, stacks and stacks of (empty) cigar boxes, a table made from boxes and a big cigar fridge full of cigars at hand. We even have a small selection of high-end rum and whisky at the office for the days that don’t go as planned. Often, I work, sitting on the chesterfield sofa, cigar in hand. My office is now my mancave, the only thing that’s missing are the late nights with friends. But I still do that at home, my awesome wife doesn’t mind me having some friends over for smokes.

So that’s my story and experiences with mancaves. Are there rules for mancaves? I don’t think so. If you love Hello Kitty and you want to chill in a hot pink room with Hello Kitty toys everywhere, it could be a great theme for your mancave. It would not be my choice, but hey, if you like it, you like it. If you have the space for a mancave, and the desire to make one, just make sure that there’s enough ventilation as cigar smoke can be very thick. For the decoration, pick a theme you like. Are you into cars? Hang some photo frames with pictures of cars, display some license plates from all over the world and built a table out of old car parts. If whisky is more your theme, find yourself a nice bar mirror, get an old whisky jar and go with that. There are no rules, just boundaries of your imagination, space and money. But even with limited space and limited money, you can make an awesome mancave. And as men, we need a cave. So, collect all your courage, slam your fist on the table and then beg your wife if you can pretty please have a mancave if you behave.

Let us know, do you have a mancave? What does it look like? If you’re planning on making one, what are your plans? Share your ideas, inspire someone else, or get inspired.

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