Davidoff Orchant Seleccion Liverpool Edition Toro Cigar Review


The Davidoff Orchant Seleccion Liverpool Edition is a limited edition cigar, with only 300 individually numbered boxes available. Each box contains 10 Toro-sized cigars, reflecting the detailed craftsmanship and consistency associated with the Davidoff brand. The design of the packaging incorporates significant geographical landmarks of Liverpool, providing a unique aesthetic appeal.

Sourced from Nicaragua, Ecuador, and the Dominican Republic, the tobaccos used in these cigars contribute to a well-rounded and multifaceted flavour profile. In collaboration with retail partners, the edition has been carefully curated to meet the standard specifications and quality expected from the Davidoff name. This cigar edition offers a unique smoking experience, providing a blend of various tastes and aromas throughout its burn


  • Length: 6″
  • Ring Gauge: 50
  • Strength: Medium
  • Packaging: 1 Single Cigar
  • Filler: Dominican Republic & Nicaragua
  • Binder: Mexico
  • Wrapper: Ecuador

Beginning of the Cigar

From the onset, the Davidoff Orchant Seleccion Liverpool Edition Toro captivates the senses with its elegance and exquisite construction. A visually pleasing cigar, it ensures a delightful experience from the very first touch and sight. Upon lighting, a harmonious symphony of flavors graces the palate, welcoming the aficionado with warm, spicy, and peppery tones. Initial draws are marked by a delicate blend of earthiness and a subtle, tantalizing sweetness, giving the smoker a taste of the complexity yet to unfold. The smoke is rich and creamy, enveloping the senses in a luxurious ambiance. Its impeccable construction ensures a smooth, even burn, allowing the smoker to fully immerse themselves in the experience without any distractions or the need for constant touch-ups.

Middle of the Cigar

As the journey progresses into the mid-section of the cigar, a delightful evolution of flavors becomes apparent. The cigar’s body begins to express its depth, revealing a multifaceted array of tastes and aromas. A transformation is noticed where the peppery sparks subtly mellow down, allowing for the emergence of nuanced fruity notes and a deeper, oaken richness. The meticulous blending and balancing of flavors from the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, and Ecuador become evidently impressive, delivering a smoke characterized by sophistication and a smoothly orchestrated complexity. The ash holds well, reflecting the cigar’s solid construction and the mastery involved in its creation.

Final Section of the Cigar

Entering the final section of the cigar, the experience is further enriched. The culmination of this smoking journey manifests as a powerful yet harmonious crescendo of flavors. Spicy undertones gracefully retreat, allowing the smoker to bask in the enhanced, bold woodiness and cedar notes that now become the stars of the show. A noticeable elevation in strength characterizes this part of the smoke, yet it remains well within the bounds of elegance and balance. The cigar, in its concluding moments, does a remarkable job of leaving a lasting impression, rounding off the smoking experience with a delightful, robust finish that echoes the intricacies of its diverse blend.


In conclusion, the Davidoff Orchant Seleccion Liverpool Edition Toro epitomizes a luxurious smoking experience marked by a harmoniously complex and evolving flavor profile. Its journey, from the initial sparks of spice and sweetness to the robust, woody finale, is a delightful odyssey of taste, embodying the essence of fine cigar craftsmanship. This cigar stands as a triumphant addition to the Davidoff Exclusive Editions, boasting a blend that is sure to captivate and satisfy the most discerning of cigar aficionados.

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