Cohiba Ideales: The Latest Luxury Cigar to Hit the UK Shelves

The Cohiba Ideales, the latest premium release from the renowned Cuban Cohiba line, has made its much-anticipated debut in the United Kingdom. Contrary to its official price tag of £400 ($509.23) per cigar, retailers have already marked it up to £650 ($827.59) for a single cigar, setting it off at a higher initial price point compared to its predecessor, the Cohiba 55th Aniversario, which launched at around £450.
This new offering features a length of 6 9/10 inches (175mm) and a 56 ring gauge, introducing the ‘Modernas,’ a new double robusto vitola. While the Ideales is slightly thinner in ring gauge compared to the 55th Aniversario’s 57, it more than compensates with its extended length. A box of 20 cigars is retailing for a lavish £8,000 ($10,186), reflecting the luxury and exclusivity of this limited edition.

Each Cohiba Ideales comes adorned with three bands: the primary Cohiba label, the Colección Habanos foot band introduced in 2020, and a special secondary band celebrating Cohiba’s 55th anniversary in 2021. Maintaining the tradition of the Colección Habanos series, the cigars are packaged in exquisitely crafted boxes designed to resemble classic hardcover books. Production is limited to 3,000 boxes of 20 cigars, with the boxes meticulously crafted by DECUBA Arte en Madera of Havana.

Initially slated for release in 2021, the Cohiba Ideales was first announced during the Habanos World Days virtual event in May 2021. It is the 18th unique cigar in the Colección Habanos series, which has been releasing one new cigar annually since 2001. The Ideales marks only the second occasion that the Cohiba name has been featured in this collection, following the Sublimes Extra, released in 2008 and re-released in 2011 to mark the series’ 10th anniversary.

Given that the Ideales has launched at a retail price of £650, significantly higher than the Cohiba 55th Aniversario, it’s plausible to predict a further escalation in its value, potentially even reaching or exceeding the £1,000 mark per cigar. This is especially likely considering the previous price performance of the Cohiba 55, which appreciated quickly after its launch. Collectors and aficionados should be on alert: if the Ideales follows in the footsteps of its predecessor, acquiring one sooner rather than later could be a prudent investment.


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