Cigar Birthdays in October

Cigar Birthdays in October
Date: October 2019
Author: Inspector Z

Cigar Birthdays in October. In the first year we have published personal birthday wishes to cigar manufacturers. However, we received feedback that it was a little too much, so we will move the birthday wishes to social media. But on the first day of the month, we will post the calendar and here’s the calendar for October.

The birthdays

October 3: Steven Ysidron. Owner and founder of Epicurean Cigars. His Cuban heritage is one of the reasons why he ended up in the cigar industry. He started making cigars with his father and the Fuente family in the late 1980s. But Ysidron created a taste for Nicaraguan tobacco as well, so he started making cigars there in 1999. And that would ultimately turn into Epicurean cigars. All the Epicurean cigars are small-batch releases. 

October 10: Pedro Jose Gomez Rodriguez. A spokesperson for Drew Estate. A proud Nicaraguan, who climbed up. From the streets of Estelí to one of the faces of Drew Estate. And even represented Nicaragua and the cigar industry in a speech for Congress

Ministry of Cigars - Pedro Gomez Dutch Big Smoke

October 13: Heiko Poertz. The man behind the luxury brand HENK, known for its travel accessories. And for the Henk Maori cigars. Made in Esteli, at the A.J. Fernandez factory.

October 24: Jose ‘Don Pepin’ Garcia. The living legend who won’t acknowledge that title. That’s what a modest man he is. But a true legend in the tobacco industry nonetheless. Both in Cuba, Nicaragua and the United States.

Don Pepin Garcia

October 26: Tom Lazuka. The former Davidoff sales rep turned cigar manufacturer is turning another leaf on October 26. And he’s probably doing that with a couple of straight jackets and an Asylum 13 Ogre.

October 27: Jose Blanco. The man, the myth, the legend. Born in a tobacco family. His father grew tobacco and his uncle had a cigar factory. And Jose smoked his first cigar at the age of 15. Yet he only entered the business at the age of 50. And this year he’s turning 70.

Ministry of Cigars - Jose Blanco

October 28: Albert Montserrat. President of Cigar Rings. The company that is responsible for a lot of the art we see when smoking a cigar. With printing machinery in both the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua.

These are the cigar birthdays in October, as far as we know them. If you have any additions, please let us know and we will include them for 2020.

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  1. Nicholas Perdomo III.
    Director of Sales at Perdomo Cigars. His Birthday is October 16th.

    1. I’ll add him to the list. Thank you.

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