Cigar birthdays in May

Cigar birthdays in May. Like every month we celebrate some of the people in the cigar industry. If we miss anybody on our calendar, please let us know and we will add him or her. Here are the birthdays for May.

The birthdays

May 4: Alan Rubin. The founder of Alec Bradley cigars, named after his two sons Alec and Bradley. Both Alec and Bradley now with Alan in the company. Winner of the Cigar Aficionado top 25 with the Prensado Churchill. Read our reviews on the Alec Bradley Magic Toast, Fine & Rare, and Project 40.

May 5: Robert Ibarra. The owner of the small Dominican brand Ibarra cigars. 

May 6: Nasir Dakrat. One of the two freemasons who started Hiram & Solomon, the only Freemason cigar in the world. Read our reviews on the Fellow Craft and the Traveling Man.

May 14: Daniel Guerrero. The man behind El Viejo Continente. Made in Nicaragua but invented in Barcelona, Spain. Read our review of the Mare Nostrum.

May 15: Hector Luis. Probably the best-known tobacco farmer in Cuba right now

May 15: Juan Cancel. One of the two men team behind Cubariceno cigars. All the cigars from Cubariceno draw inspiration from the time that Cancel and his business partner Bill Ives were law enforce

May 16: Daniel Marshall. The legendary humidor builder and cigar manufacturer. Thanks to his father in law, Marshall started making humidors almost 40 years ago. Today he is a well-recognized expert on humidification and has cigars bearing his name as well.

May 19: Hirochi Robaina. The grandson and protege of the legendary Don Alejandro Robaina. A farmer in Cuba, and a cigar manufacturer in Nicaragua. Read our review of the HR Signature.

May 21: Brigitte Deurenberg. One of the two owners of Steenbok, a Dutch-owned, Honduran made cigar brand. Read our review on Steenbok.

May 24: Angela Brown. Together with her husband James, Angela owns and runs Oveja Negra, a small factory in Esteli. That’s where they make their Black Label Trading Company and Black Works Studio cigars. Read our review on the Royalty.

May 25: Gerard Hayes. Probably the only Australian cigar manufacturer. Hayes works closely with A.J. Fernandez for his Nicoya cigar brand.

May 29: Scander Chida. The man behind the Dominican Los Dueños Premium Cigars.

May 30: Roger Duarte. From Don Duarte Cigars. Don Duarte has been involved in tobacco for decades and turns another leaf on this day. Read our review of the Don Duarte Reserva.

May 31: Dion Giolitto. The man behind Illusione cigars. He went from being a tobacconist in Reno, Nevada, to a globally respected cigar manufacturer and blender. Read our review on the Illusione Rothchildes.



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