Cigar Birthdays In May 2022

Cigar Birthdays In May 2022
Date: May 2022
Author: Inspector X

Cigar birthdays in May 2022. Like every month we celebrate some of the people in the cigar industry. If we miss anybody on our calendar, please let us know and we will add him or her. Here are the birthdays for May.


May 2
: HansPeter Hagmann. The international sales manager for CLE & Asylum Cigars. The Swiss industry veteran is the person all international distributors turn to for their Asylum and CLE.

May 4
: Alec Rubin. The oldest son of Alec Bradley owner Alan Rubin. And now a cigar manufacturer himself, working with his brother Bradley under his father’s wings.

May 5
: Robert Ibara from Ibara Cigars. A Dominican cigar manufacturer with Cuban roots. His cigars were available in a few European countries, but we haven’t seen any for a while.

May 6
: Kolja Kukuk. If you have been to a Rocky Patel event in Europe in the last 5 years, you have met Kolja. Tirelessly he’s doing event after event all over Europe, with a short break due to covid. 

May 14
: Daniel Guerrero. The man behind Circus and El Viejo Continente. Not only a master blender but now also a factory owner in Nicaragua.

May 15: Hector Luis. Possibly the best-known Cuban farmer at the moment although Hirochi Robaina might wrestle him for the title. World-renowned for his Finca where you can rent cabins for a great stay in Cuba. And his farm rolls are amongst the best Cuban cigars available.

May 15
: Juan Cancel. A former law enforcement officer who’s now a Che Guevara lookalike cigar manufacturer with Protocol Cigars. Funny guy who makes great cigars, all police-themed.

May 16
: Jonas Patrik Martin. The owner of Patoro Cigars, a Swiss brand made in the Dominican

May 16
: Daniel Marshall. Famous for his humidors. But also a cigar brand owner, with a special limited edition made by Arturo Fuente.

May 19
: Hirochi Robaina. Together with Hector Luis the best tobacco growers in Cuba. Grandson of the legend Alejandro Robaina. And he has his own cigars coming from Nicaragua.

May 21
: Brigitte Deurenberg. Dutch cigar importer and co-owner of Steenbok Sigaren. A Dutch cigar brand made in Honduras.

May 24
: Angela Brown. Co-owner of Oveja Negra, a boutique cigar factory in Esteli. And co-owner of Black Label Trading Co & Black Studio Works.

May 25
: Gerard Hayes. Probably the only Australian with his own cigar brand: Nicoya. Made in Esteli, Nicaragua by A.J. Fernandez.

May 26
: Scander Chida, owner of Los Dueños cigars. Dominican cigars with a following in Belgium and Germany.

May 30
: Roger Duarte. The founder of Don Duarte cigars and a former consultant in the cigar industry. The cigars are now distributed by Cigar Conexion.

May 31
: Dion Giolito. The owner and blender of Illusione. And isn’t it fitting that his birthday falls on International Smoke Day?   

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