Cigar birthdays in March

Cigar birthdays in March. Like every month we celebrate some of the people in the cigar industry. If we miss anybody on our calendar, please let us know and we will add him or her. Here are the birthdays for March

The birthdays

March 1: Mike Rosales. The man who puts the Ro in RoMa Craft. With Skip Martin being in charge of the operations in Nicaragua, Mike takes care of business stateside.

March 2: A.J. Fernandez. Does this man need any introduction? His farms in Nicaragua produce great tobacco and his factory makes amazing cigars. Not just for the AJF brands, but for many others.

March 6: Lars Tetens. The bad boy of the cigar industry. Nobody knows what goes on in his mind, and maybe that’s a good thing.

March 7: Liana Fuente. The daughter of Carlito, and the next generation of Fuente to push the Arturo Fuente brand to the next level. The inspiration for the Fuente Pink charity cigars

March 9: Janny Garcia Johnson. The daughter of industry legend Don Pepin Garcia, but so much more than that. The driving force behind My Father Cigars and a wonderful human being.

March 11: Willy Herrera. The master blender for Drew Estate, the gentle giant with many successful blends behind his name.

March 12: Yadi Gonzalez Vargas. The president of Flor de Gonzalez and the third generation to lead the company. 

March 14: Justo Eiroa. The son of Julio Eiroa and the brother of Christian. And with his father, he grows tobacco and makes cigars in Honduras. El Aladino is the best-known of JRE.

March 17: Tonio Neugebauer. This German gentleman sells his Skei-Ton cigars only in Germany for now, but maybe other markets will see the cigars soon. The cigar bands are amongst the best ones we have seen

March 18: Johan Loomans. The man behind the Dutch brand Steenbok. Steenbok is made out of 100% Honduran tobacco and sold in beautiful tins. As far as we know, only available in The Netherlands.

March 24: Emma Viktorson. The power woman behind Freyja cigars, Senorial, and more. And the wife of Jose Blanco.

March 24: Juergen Roder. The European representative of Perdomo Cigars. Way past retirement age but Juergen can’t be stopped.

March 24: Reinhold Widmayer. The editor in chief of Cigar Journal, in our opinion the best global cigar magazine available.

March 26: Joshua Meerapfel. The youngest of the two Meerapfel brothers running the International distribution for Fuente. And they produce the majority of our favorite wrapper: real African Cameroon.

March 28: Jochy Blanco. The man who’s building Tabacalera La Palma in the Dominican Republic into an industry powerhouse with the knowledge of several previous generations behind him

March 28: Raymundo Bernasconi. A Swiss cigar importer and distributor but also the owner of the Gilbert de Montsalvat brand.

March 31: Aitor Zapata. The Zapata family imports and distributes tobacco in Spain. But they also own the Condega brand for international markets. And since they started to build the brand, exposure and sales exploded in a way never seen before.

These are the Cigar birthdays in March as far as we know. If we miss anybody, let us know and we will add him or her.



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