Cigar birthdays in January

Cigar birthdays in January
Date: December 2020
Author: Inspector Z

Cigar birthdays in January. Like every month we celebrate some of the people in the cigar industry. If we miss anybody on our calendar, please let us know and we will add him or her. Here are the birthdays for January

The birthdays

January 8: Laurent Taha. The man behind the Swiss Skull 77 brand. A line of Costa Rican cigars with very thick ring gauges. The cigars are available in several countries.

January 8: Roniel Aragon. The founder and co-owner of Tabacalera Aragon in Esteli, Nicaragua. His partner in Tabacalera Aragon is Riste Ristevski from Jas Sum Kral. All Jas Sum Kral cigars come from this small boutique factory.

January 10: Jeremiah Meerapfel. The flamboyant face of Meerapfel Fuente. The son of industry legend Richard Meerapfel. With his brother Joshua, Jeremiah is keeping the tobacco industry in Cameroon alive.

January 11: Julio Eiroa. Talking about a cigar industry legend. The man who kicked the cigar industry in Honduras in second gear, and all the way up to fifth gear. And even though he’s in his 80’s, he’s still going strong. As a manufacturer but mostly as an old fashioned tobacco grower on his huge farms in Honduras.

January 11: Mariska Kelch. Tobacconist, importer & distributor of premium handmade cigars but also the owner of El Pino Blanco cigars. Nicaraguan cigars that come in a Corojo and Maduro blend.

January 18: David Davtian. One of several Armenian cigar brand owners. Davtian Cigars are made in the Dominican Republic and are sold in many countries around the globe. 

January 19: Conrado Plasencia. One of the many members of the influential Plasencia family. He is an important part of the family business, supplying tobacco to almost all other brands. And not to forget, rolling cigars for the Plasencia brands and others.

January 19: Mac Bergson. The Director of Global Affairs of Swisher International. And with that, also one of the people behind the unstoppable force called Drew Estate.

January 22: Luis Falto. The founder and owner of Falto Cigars and La Garita Cigar Company. More than 20 years in the cigar industry says something about the man and the brand.

January 25: Marc Andre. One of the top humidor builders in the world. And a walking encyclopedia when it comes to cigar storage, mold, beetles, and other things related to keeping your cigars in optimal condition.

These are the cigar birthdays in January as far as we know them.



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