Cigar birthdays in December

Cigar birthdays in December
Date: November 2020
Author: Inspector Z

Cigar birthdays in December. Like every month we celebrate some of the people in the cigar industry. If we miss anybody on our calendar, please let us know and we will add him or her. Here are the birthdays for Dember

The birthdays

December 4: Meera Levin. The daughter of Robert Levin from Holts, Ashton, Benchmade, La Aroma de Cuba/Del Caribe, and San Cristobal/Paradiso cigars. She is heavily involved in the family business. 

December 5: William Cooper. As a blogger, William ‘cigar-coop’ Cooper is providing the cigar community with news and reviews for more than a decade.

December 6: Ernesto Padilla. Before boutique was a thing, Padilla cigars were boutique. And popular. Famous for having the most beautiful female cigar ambassadors in the industry, Ernesto is the ultimate cigar playboy.

December 6: Philipp Kugler. Possibly the youngest cigar brand owner in the world. Cigar Kings is available in Germany and India, and are gaining popularity within the Dutch cigar enthusiast community as well.

December 7: Pete Johnson. Mr. Tatuaje. He brought a young, new, edgy vibe to the cigar industry when he entered a partnership with the Garcia family. But all with respect to the classics. 

December 12: Hamlet Paredes. Once a famous roller for Habanos who traveled the world to promote Cuban cigars. But now the blender of the Hamlet cigars for Rocky Patel, and still an ambassador to the industry doing events globally.

December 16: Henke Kelner. A cigar legend. The man who Davidoff turned to when they left Cuba. Kelner’s Tabadom not only saved the Davidoff brand, but it prospered because of his knowledge and skills.

December 17: Fred Vandermarliere. The heir of the J. Cortes empire. Under his wings, Cortes ventures into the premium hand-made cigar industry and into growing tobacco for these cigars, while the machine-made part of the company is growing as well.

December 18: Didier Houvenaghel. Agricultural engineer, author of the most comprehensive book on cigars. And the blender for Henk Cigars and his own brands Nicarao, La Ley, Furia, and La Preferida. 

December 18: Henderson Ventura. The master blender of Tabacalera William Ventura and one of the owners of Adventura Cigars. Henderson is on his way to becoming an industry legend if he keeps his current level up.

December 20: Stefan Bastiaenssens. This is not a happy birthday celebration but a remembrance. Stefan passed away last month after a year-long battle with illness. He leaves behind a wife and two young children. His death came as a huge shock to many J.C. Newman distributors, retailers, and consumers in Europe whom all loved Stefan for the great guy he was. Rest In Peace brother.

December 24: Camillo Bazell. The Bazell family produces industrial printers and Cigar Rings is one of their clients. But Camillo works with Henderson Ventura for his Pachuche brand. 

December 24: Janine Perdomo. The beautiful wife of Nick Perdomo and instrumental for the Perdomo Cigar Brand. She’s the power woman that makes Nick excel and she helps pushing Perdomo Cigars to be the brand it is today.

December 25: Dean Parsons. This should be an Epic birthday from the man who created Epic. After working as a police officer in Canada and a realtor in the Dominican Republic, Parsons followed his dream of being a cigar manufacturer. And with success. Epic Cigars just celebrated its tenth birthday with a new cigar, the first-ever Nicaraguan Epic.

December 26: Esteban Disla. The co-owner of the Nica Sueño factory, famous for RoMa Craft Cigars. And with his brother Raul, who’s the factory manager for NACSA, Disla owns the Guáimaro cigar brand.



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